Rannd Delckis was a Human male Lieutenant of the Virgillian Free Alignment stationed onboard the carrier Flurry during the latter stages of the Virgillian Civil War.


Delckis attended the Imperial Academy and, after graduating in the top third of his class, was commissioned to the rank of Ensign in the Imperial Navy. Delckis' first assignment was as a junior communications assistant aboard the Victory-class Star Destroyer Stormwind, which was part of the small Imperial armada at Virgillia. Delckis was part of the landing party that attacked a small encampment on Virgillia's heavily-forested moon that was presumably a hideout for Alignment forces. Delckis was very upset when he saw the inhabitants of the camp, refugees, tortured and killed by Stormtroopers. This incident, as well as reports of the use of superweapons and Poison gas by the Galactic Empire, caused Delckis to defect to the Free Alignment.

When Tessa Manchisco was given command of the cruiser-carrier Flurry, she requested that Delckis be assigned to her ship. Communications Officer Delckis was twice given commendations for his proficiency with communications systems and sensors. He remained onboard the Flurry during its service for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, fighting at the Battle of Endor and Invasion of Bakura, where he was killed with the rest of the Flurry crew when the ship was destroyed.

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