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Rans was a male Human who served as the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Republic military during of the Great Galactic War and the subsequent Cold War.


Growing up in the quiet years before the resurgent of the reconstituted Sith Empire in his early career, Rans fought only scattered Mandalorian clans and was totally unprepared to the total war caused by the Sith. However, his quick-thinking and easy charm helped him to ascended the ranks and and to build up the Republic military to new and impressive standards. His looks also made him a media darling and at some point he married the war-veteran Galena Rans. Rans was totally outplayed by the Sith strategy of the Sacking of Coruscant.

Learning from this terrible lesson, Rans deployed new plans and all his strength to at last annihilate the Sith. For this, Rans commanded the Republic armies in the Battle of Ilum. At one point he was captured by the Imperials, but was rescued and finally, thanks to the division on the Sith side, Rans won the fight. After the battle, Rans retired, and the position of Supreme Commander was transferred to Jace Malcom.

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