The Imperial Rapid Deployment Airspeeder (RaDAir), colloquially known as "Raider", was an airspeeder used by the Empire as a planetary troop transport.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Raider was an Imperial-gray speeder based on the Low Altitude Assault Transport, and was tasked with quickly and nimbly delivering troops or agents to a hotspot. Angular and wingless, the Raider sported less armor and armament than the LAAT and could carry only six passengers, with the passengers being completely enclosed in a troop bay which was sealed off by twin sliding doors to the aft, the cockpit situated behind a mirrored opaque canopy. Total armaments available to the pilot and gunner were turreted dorsal and chin mounted double laser cannons and blaster cannons.

A single airspeeder cost 50,000 credits, or 30,000 credits if used.

History[edit | edit source]

The RaDAir was used on Coruscant to rapidly deliver small units of soldiers to trouble hotspots. The Coruscant Guard often used such vehicles to enter combat situations. The RaDAir was known to produce a high-pitched whine of the Repulsorlifts.

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