"Rapier Squadron...Punch it!"
―Commander Poe Dameron[3]

Rapier Squadron was a T-85 X-wing starfighter squadron that served as part of the New Republic's starfleet. The squadron was led by Commander Poe Dameron.[1] The four-member squadron was assigned to patrol the Mirrin sector and protect its trade lanes from the Hutts, the Guavian Death Gang,[1] and Kanjiklub.[4] Following the Skirmish in OR-Kappa-2722, Rapier Squadron transferred to the Resistance and was based on the refitted MC80 Star Cruiser Echo of Hope.[1]

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"Woo-hoo-hoo! That's it, Rapier Squadron! Show these pirates who's boss!"
―Poe Dameron, to Rapier Squadron during a battle in the Mirrin sector[2]

Rapier Squadron was a New Republic X-Wing squadron led by Poe Dameron before his move to the Resistance. They participated in patrols for the Republic and witnessed the capture of the Yissira Zyde by the First Order in the Mirrin sector. Rapier Squadron engaged the hijackers, but the First Order successfully commandeered the ship and entered hyperspace. Muran was caught in the ship's wake, and his X-wing starfighter was destroyed before he could eject.[1]



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