This article is about the Stark Commercial Combine flagship. You may be looking for other Raptors.

The Raptor was the flagship of the Stark Commercial Combine.


Its captain was Zur and one of its bridge officers was Shorshone. The Raptor led the assault on the remains of Ranulph Tarkin's personal fleet that survived the navicomputer virus to arrive at Troiken, and headed the blockade that prevented the survivors from escaping.


The Raptor's demise.

During the Fifth Battle of Qotile, Tholme and Quinlan Vos infiltrated the Raptor to broadcast the patch that would fix the navicomputer virus's corruption, and set the ship's shields to lower if ordered to be activated. After doing so, the Jedi escaped on one of its fighters as Saesee Tiin's Jedi starfighters destroyed the ship.



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