"Come on. We'd better get out of this sector before the Raptors find us."
Lorn Pavan expresses his fear of the Raptors to I-5YQ.[src]

The Raptors were a gang in the undercity of Coruscant. Their main territory was in the Crimson Corridor, and they were feared by many who lived in or around their range of operation. Their membership included Humans, Kubaz, Bith, Gotals, Snivvians, Trandoshans, Saurin, Devaronians, and H'nemthe. Their members were primarily late adolescents, and they dressed colorfully. Two of their members were Green Hair and Nig.


In 32 BBY, about a dozen Raptors tried to steal Darsha Assant's skyhopper while she was on an extraction mission in the Crimson Corridor. Assant had left the skyhopper hovering twenty meters above the street surface to preclude theft, but this did not stop the Raptors, who used ropes and grappling hooks to allow three of their members to climb onto the craft. They tossed the supplies and equipment in the skyhopper down to the Raptors waiting below and disabled the autopilot, bringing the craft down to street level.

At this time, Assant returned with her ward, Oolth. She asked the Raptors to step away from the vehicle and return what they had stolen, but when she was rebuffed by Green Hair, she used a mind trick to cause them to leave. She was nearly successful, but Oolth let out a scream, causing her to break concentration and the Raptors to attack her. They converged on Assant and began to kick her, but she repulsed them with a Force push and ignited her lightsaber. Once they realized she was a Jedi, many of the Raptors hesitated to move against her, despite Green Hair's encouragement. Nig, however, tried to attack Assant from behind with a vibroblade, but when she cut off his hand, the Raptors retreated, temporarily leaving the street.

Assant entered the skyhopper with Oolth, but she found it had been damaged beyond use, and the Raptors began attacking again, this time shooting at the vehicle from a distance, cracking the windshield. Assant used her ascension gun to pull herself and Oolth up a nearby building, and even though the Raptors' sniper continued shooting at them, they were able to escape, albeit into a flock of angry hawk-bats.



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