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"Sanity is a prison. Let madness release you."
―Dread Master Raptus[3]

Raptus, regarded as the "Weaver of Nightmares", was the unofficial leader of the Dread Masters, a powerful group of dark side sorcerers with immense power, capable of inducing fear into an entire army.


He and his fellow Dread Masters were imprisoned on Belsavis but later rescued by an Imperial Rescue Team. He wielded a purple bladed lightsaber.

Since his escape along side his fellow Dread Masters, Raptus became impatient with the silence of the Emperor. Deciding that their power was being wasted on an Empire with no Emperor, Raptus and his fellow Dread Masters decided to take the galaxy for themselves.

The Dread Masters' first independent strike against the Empire and Republic in unity was on the planet Denova where their influence spread to Warlord Kephess and his forces who started a warzone on the planet, fighting for 'The Masters'. When Kephess fell, the Dread Masters turned to Asation, a major port world to the Gree Enclave. There the Dread Masters used an Ancient Hypergate to release a deadly creature known as the Terror From Beyond. Like Kephess, who was revived by the Masters, the Terror was destroyed by joint Republic and Imperial efforts.

In desperation to bounce back from two losses, the Dread Masters returned their Dread Army to Section X, a place of high security and darkness on Belsavis. There they sought to use the Aurora Cannon, a Rakatan weapon of large mass and power. The cannon was destroyed, and their efforts thwarted.

With the Hutt Cartel rearming after the events of Makeb, they took to Darvannis where Dread Master Styrak lay in wait. There Styrak corrupted Darvannis from the shadows, soon attacking the strike teams of the Republic and Empire. Styrak fell, causing Raptus and his fellow Dread Masters to appear as apparitions to take what little power the dying Styrak had to increase their own.

Soon the Masters took to Oricon, rebuilding their forces and pooling them into the dark moon. Raptus, being their leader, would ensure that his presence be known across Oricon by both the Republic and the Empire. Upon the arrival of the Dread Executioners and the Republic Strike team, he mentally stated "By Oricon's next sun rise, your worlds will burn." Raptus then sought to use various orbital ships and shuttles to bring terror on planets such as Coruscant, Dromund Kaas and Nar Shaddaa. These plans were foiled. Having their commanders killed and their ships destroyed, Raptus and the other Masters confronted those responsible and stated "For every Dread Guard killed, one of you will die!". The Masters delivered region-wide terror to the strike team in retaliation for this attack before leaving those responsible to contemplate on their actions.

After the apparent defeat of Bestia, Tyrans and Calphayus, Raptus was the last Dread Master standing in the palace. Being their leader, they had saved the worst for last. Raptus confronted the team, soon pitting them against the trials of their discipline of healing, damage and survival. Raptus' was soon defeated after his tests were completed, much to his displeasure.

Raptus soon retreated to the council chambers, awaiting those who attacked the palace. There along with Bestia, Tyrans and Calphayus, they began their last stand. At the peak of their power, Styrak returned claiming 'We fight as one!', also to be joined by Brontes. The six Dread Masters were whole once more, but it was too late. In their last attempts, they used a powerful Force technique that would began to leech all life around them, only to have this plan fail. Raptus died along with Tyrans and Bestia, leaving Calphayus as the last surviving Dread Master.

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