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Rasha Bex was a spy for the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. She was a Human female with brown eyes and long brown hair.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Rasha before spending the night with BoShek.

She infiltrated the six Rebel cells loyal to Garm Bel Iblis on Stoga, before being discovered. She hired the smuggler BoShek to get her to safety from the Rebel leaders Karn and Lhira, letting him think that she was no more than another individual turned off by the extremism of the Rebellion.

Once BoShek delivered her to safety, Bex allowed him to be arrested by Imperial officers after he turned down her offer of Imperial employment, even though she had grown attracted to him during their night together and had kissed him passionately only moments before. A few months later, she would come to the aid of the Ahakistan rebels looking to sabotage an Imperial computer hub at Pyramid One, in the hopes that her new allies could help reunite her with the imprisoned BoShek. She met the rebels at the Daystar Casino whose owner had brought with himself a motley group who he had claimed were members of the Rebel Alliance.

At first, the Rebel cell members were suspicious of her presence but welcomed her at the behest of Sardoth who also told Tarson that she was looking for BoShek. During the meeting, Sardoth informed the cell members that the Empire had been using Ahakista as a base for the Hub, a supercomputer housed inside the pyramid at the center of the city. The Hub was of great importance to the Empire, since it purpose was to coordinate the vast Imperial Navy.

Part of the plot for infiltrating the Hub involved using an ancient series of tunnels under the pyramid which housed the Hub. However, these tunnels were blocked by a blast door blocked by a protective energy field and guarded by Stormtroopers. Due to her knowledge of the building, Bex was assigned the job of disabling the energy field. The only way was to destroy its power source which was the grid's power control station on the tenth floor. Sardoth then came to the reason for why he had contacted Dunlan: He wanted Dunlan's group of rebels to destroy the pyramid's power control station so that the off-worlders could infiltrate and destroy the Hub itself.

However, this plan sparked division among the Rebel cell members particularly Dunlan who argued that a frontal assault on the pyramid was suicidal, resulting in heavy casualties. Enraged, Dunlan and other members of the local Ahakistan resistance stormed out of the meeting. Amidst the uproar, Rasha commented that without Dunlan attacking the power station, the plan would fall apart. Discouraged, Bex attempted to back-out of the plot but was stopped by Tarson who ordered her to find a way to shut down the power generator or she would never see Boshek again. He then reiterated that they were taking the Hub and they were doing it now despite Dunlan's withdrawal.

Bex in an Imperial uniform.

Arriving at the power control station on the tenth floor of Pyramid One, Captain Bex was confronted by an inquisitive Captain Tregor who was suspicious of her presence in a maximum-security area. Rasha claimed that she was there to appraise his security arrangements as part of a new security initiative brought in by Darth Vader. She reiterated that any lack of compliance would be reported. As Bex approached the power generator controls, she attempted to find away to shut them down but was cornered by Tregor.

Burning with rage and taking note of her suspicious behavior, Tregor attempted to expose her. With her cover exposed, Bex pushed away his hands and kicked him in the lips. Taking advantage of his bigger size, Tregor quickly regained the upper hand and wrestled her to the floor. He was about to kill her on the spot when he was caught in an explosion that incapacitated him. On the run from Vader's troops, a wounded Dunlan had fired a surface-to-air missile at the power generator. With the power generator destroyed and Tregor incapacitated, a shocked Bex made her way out of the station.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Fans speculated that Rasha Bex and Captain Bex were somehow related. However, Randy Stradley has stated that they are simply two different characters who share the same last name and are not in fact related.[1]

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