"Nok Drayen was the greatest gangster who ever lived. He personally wiped out the Rath Cartel and the Vandelhelm Combine during the Syndicate Wars."
Risha Drayen[src]

The Rath Cartel was a criminal organization active at the time of the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Affiliated with the Hutt Cartel, the Rath Cartel was in the business of smuggling weapons and hired mercenaries in their efforts to compete with the rival Vandelhelm Combine in a clash that later became known as the Syndicate Wars.[1]

However,[1] sometime between 3667 BBY and 3661 BBY,[2] the fighting spilled over into a trade corridor controlled by the notorious gangster Nok Drayen, who quickly retaliated against both groups in order to protect his profits. Drayen called in favors from Gank mercenaries, Hutts, and officials from the Sith Empire to destroy both gangs in reprisal. The Syndicate Wars ended when Drayen stormed the Combine's headquarters while simultaneously having the leader of the Rath Cartel assassinated, and in the aftermath Drayen took all of the groups' profits for himself.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Rath Cartel was first mentioned in passing in several companion conversations in the 2011 video game Star Wars: The Old Republic,[3] and the Syndicate Wars and its combatants were expanded on in one of the Galactic History Codex entries added in the 2014 Digital Expansion Shadow of Revan.[1]


Notes and references[]

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