Rathe Camalon was a male member of the Noble House Cadriaan within the Tapani sector. By around the year 3 ABY, Camalon had come to hold the title of Baron, although he was looked down upon by some other members of the house due to his heritage. Camalon's father had been from the Freeworlds Territory within the Tapani sector, and had bought his way into a noble house. The ostracization Camalon faced due to this caused him to develop a near obsessive hatred of noble born house members, who he believed descended effortlessly through the ranks of their houses.[1]

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Rathe Camalon was first mentioned in the campaign guide included in Lords of the Expanse, a 1997 supplement written by Paul Sudlow and Chris Doyle for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game by West End Games.

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