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Ratter was a male Trandoshan hunter who hunted Jedi Padawans for sport on the moon Wasskah.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 21 BBY, Ratter was part of a gang of trandoshans that hunt captives for sport on Wasskah, where Jedi Padawans were to be hunted by Ratter and his gang. After two of the captives, Katt Mol and Lika, were killed, Ahsoka and the remaining Padawans stormed the Trandoshan floating fortress, along with the freed Wookiee captive Chewbacca. Ratter personally fought Chewbacca while the surviving Padawans wreaked havoc on the fortress and eventually got the upper hand, but he was ultimately killed when O-Mer whacked him across the back with his own rifle, making him lose his concentration and allowing Chewbacca to throw him over the edge of the fortress.

Talents and abilities[edit | edit source]

Ratter was a skilled pilot of the MSP80 Pteropter and was proficient with blasters. He was also highly skilled in unarmed combat, having almost killed Chewbacca in a prolonged hand-to-hand fight.

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