Ravallian Dast was a bounty hunter with a strict moral code. Dast believed that the Galactic Empire was an illegal and immoral government, and therefore refused to accept any contract offered by any Imperial law enforcement agencies, considering that the laws of the Empire were invalid.

Dast's political views led her to often perform jobs for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Despite having a philosophy compatible with that of the Alliance, Dast insisted on charging for her services. Although the often cash-strapped Alliance could not always afford her services, Dast was responsible for capturing at least five high-ranking Imperial officials for the Rebels.

When unable to find work with the Alliance, Dast took assignments from various other sources which could not go through official Imperial channels. Dast was always careful to review each assignment she took in order to ensure that it would be compatible with her sense of morals.

Dast was wounded badly several times, but her desire to destroy the Empire and its supporters meant that she never considered taking a less dangerous line of work.

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