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Ravens were large black-feathered birds found on the planet Dathomir, in the Outer Rim Territories. They had a deep voice, larges beaks and pointed wings. Though non-sentient, ravens had high bird intelligence and were perhaps amongst the smartest birds. The Nightsister Charal was known for turning into a raven thanks to her magic ring, and she ended up stuck into this form when the talisman was destroyed.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Cawing Charal

The Nightsister Charal in raven form

Ravens were a species of nonsentient, large-sized birds[2] native to the misty Dathomir,[1] an obscure planet located in the Quelii sector.[3] Ravens had an all-black plumage with shaggy feathers around the throat, pointed wings and a wedge-shaped tail. Their beak was large, slightly curved downward and heavy. Their eyes were slightly slanted, with dark brown irises. They had two short legs with strong three-clawed toes and a hook-like hind talon.[2] Like all avians, they were warm-blooded creatures.[4]

Ravens emitted different kinds of sounds varying from a low croak to shrill alarm cries. Depending on the emotional state, those often deep and reverberating calls were known as squawkings or shriekings.[2][5] A raven's thin tongue would raise when the bird was croaking.[2]


Raven Charal

Terak and Charal

The castaway Nightsister Charal had the ability to turn into a raven, thanks to a Talisman of the Raven she had stolen on her homeworld of Dathomir.[1] In 3.5 ABY, she failed her liege, King Terak, for the last time, so he seized her ring after she had changed to her raven form.[2]

Terak placed Charal's ring on his necklace, and later in a battle it was struck by a rock from the Ewok Wicket Warrick's slingshot. The ring's power overtook Terak, and burned him to a crisp. The ring was destroyed as well, and Charal would remain a bird forever.[2]

The raven in cultureEdit

The Nightsisters of Dathomir were able to craft arcane artifacts known as Talismans of the Raven, which allowed their wearer to assume the shape of a raven.[1] The name of this avian also made its way in the everyday language. Individuals such as Taselda[6] or Irek Ismaren,[7] whose hair was very black and lustrous, were sometimes called "raven-haired", by analogy with the bird's black iridescent plumage.

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The end credits of the 1985 made-for-TV film Ewoks: The Battle for Endor identifies Charal's bird form as being performed by a raven.



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