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"You shall all die—and quite painfully, I assure you."
―a mutated Grand Moff Ravik[src]

Ravik was Grand Moff and former Imperial Governor of the Tolonda sector.


When Emperor Palpatine declared his Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, Ravik was made Grand Moff of the Tolonda Oversector and assumed the role of commander of the 14th Sector Army.[1]


After rising quickly through the ranks of the Empire, Ravik was captured by Rebel Alliance agents. Organizing an escape with Bane Nothos, he managed to take control over the vessel, but made the fatal mistake of sabotaging the hyperdrive. This resulted in them being trapped in the mysterious dimension called Otherspace.

Ravik used his superior skills as a linguist and his political prowess to make an alliance with the Charon. They proceeded then to poison him and remake him into a nightmarish half-Human/half-Charon construct.
Ugly insane Ravik

The bio construct Ravik

This proved to be a mistake on the part of the Charon's leader, Ber'asco, because Ravik swiftly overthrew the government of the death worshipers. Now utterly insane, he arranged for an escape from Otherspace and a suicidal attack on the galaxy at large.

Prophet of the VoidEdit

"All is proceeding according to plan. Our loss is not a great one; the weak ones here have everything we need. Continue our efforts, and soon this planet will be ours."
―Ravik to charon warriors[src]
Rav Fights Rebs

Ravik fights Rebels

Ravik, taking command of Ber'asco's ship Desolate, commenced an attack on the Rebel safe world Stronghold. Ber'asco, making one final bid for power, tried to wrest control of the ship from the ship's bio-computer, but accomplished nothing more than moving the ship dangerously close to the planet, burning out the vessel's hyperdrive and sublight engines, eventually causing the huge ship to crash into the planet. However, many of the Charon survived the crash, including Ravik.

With his remaining warriors, Ravik caught the Rebel forces completely by surprise. Many noncombatants and Rebel troopers were overcome and captured, but the bulk of them fled to secret tunnels and chambers in preparation for a possible Imperial attack. His only setback was that the Rebels' hyperdrive-equipped ships were hidden in a secret shipyard, to discourage Imperial spies, and his invasion force of 200 strong was unable to find the elusive shipyard. So Ravik ordered the bioscientists to salvage the remains of the Desolate and set up a Death Mist generator and other weapons in the death worshipers' possession. Ravik shrewdly knew that the Rebels would unite, so he decided that the Death Mist was the best way to send the remaining Rebels into the Void. But Ravik underestimated Ber'asco's chance of survival as he soon allied himself with the Rebels from the Long Shot, while in possession of Bane Nothos' body, and destroyed the Death Mist generator. However, Ravik saw it as an acceptable loss, for his forces had already found the shipyard.

Afterward, the Rebels contacted Alliance High Command—with the help of Ber'asco—but it alerted Ravik to a human presence in the control room. He sent seven warriors to intercept them, but they defeated the warriors and destroyed the computer. The Rebels soon found the survivors of Ravik's initial attack and gained the help of the Stronghold Rebel leader Markos Tor. Tor sent his lieutenant to quickly gather all remaining Rebel forces at a rendezvous point. Tor, along with two other Rebel troopers, helped the crew of the Long Shot spring the captured Rebels from confinement, and afterward they destroyed the Charon armory. The Rebels fought their way to the Charon Command Center, where they first encountered Ravik in his new form. One of the Rebels tossed a thermal detonator at the madman, but Ravik survived due to being encased in modified Charon Battle Armor. The Rebels were forced to flee before Ravik's forces and escaped to the Rebel shipyard, set the self destruct systems for a half hour, and—taking several Skyhoppers and Y-wings—rushed to prevent the Charon from seizing control of the shipyard before its destruction. Ravik, knowing the Rebels would set the the shipyard to self destruct, sent all his forces in an attempt to stop the self-destruct sequence and destroy all resistance in their way. At the beginning of the battle the Charon attacked en masse, attempting to enter the shipyard and secure the ships. The Rebels saw that the Charon would not break unless their leader was defeated, and that the only way to beat Ravik was to get Ber'asco/Nothos near him.


Ravik, using his personal jetpack and six warriors, attacked the Rebels, and while the Rebels fought off the warriors, Ravik confronted Ber'asco and had a mental showdown. Ravik won and proceeded to crush Ber'asco/Nothos's spine, but not before Ber'asco caused his jetpack to malfunction, sending Ravik spinning out of control. However, Ravik survived and swore to send the Rebels into the Void. The Rebels eventually overcame Ravik by hitting him at the wound he received from Ber'asco, thus ending his life.

Personality and traitsEdit

"The tragedy of the weak is their lack of apprehension of their value as a resource for the strong."

Ravik was known as a brutal and unemotional leader. After being trapped in the Charon biocomputer, Ravik became insane. He became dedicated to the Charon's beliefs, and his twisted mind alternated between megalomania and paranoia, but he still kept his more helpful traits such as shrewdness, cunning, and patience. He carried his old pocket computer for sentimental reasons.

After taking control of the Charon, he viewed both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance as his enemies.

The Grand Moff was very strong willed, which was the main reason he managed to overcome the Charon biocomputer and take over Ber'asco's body, and, by extension, the Death cult. After he became a construct, he became powerful enough to crush a grown man's spine and to pick up and throw a person with his bare hands. Ravik also used a jetpack to move around more quickly during the Battle of Stronghold, and had an energy cannon attached to the torso of his construct.



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