The Rawk chopped special was a double-barreled blaster carbine, similar to a shotgun, custom-built by "Bantha" Rawk for Cade Skywalker, who used it c. 137 ABY.


The "Special" was an antique blaster, resembling a cut-down Accelerated Charged Particle Array Gun from the period of the Clone Wars, and one of a number of weapons that comprised Cade Skywalker's arsenal around the time of the Second Imperial Civil War. It was considered to be one of the most lethal weapons of the time. It was especially useful in situations where Cade had little chance to aim, since the double-barreled blast increased the chance of a hit, as well as causing more damage with even glancing hits. The blaster was specifically made to only work for Cade.

Cade Skywalker used one in Brogar's cantina, firing the weapon into the ceiling to catch everyone's attention when he was there searching for Naxy Screeger.


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