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"The former Jedi Master first reappeared on Raxus Prime, complete with fiery rhetoric lambasting the Senate and the Jedi order's complacency in the visible erosion of morals and ideals of the Republic. Since that well documented speech two years ago, Dooku has been spotted on worlds throughout the Outer Rim, fomenting secession and leading a popular movement that soon developed an alarming cohesion."
―"Who is Count Dooku?"[src]

The Raxus Address was a speech delivered by the Jedi renunciate Count Dooku[1] on Raxus Prime[2] in 24 BBY.[1] Utilizing fiery rhetoric,[2] Dooku condemned the Senate and Jedi for allowing the ideals and morals of the Galactic Republic to decline. Dooku broadcast the speech via a hijacked Republic communications station in the Tion Hegemony. The Address coincided with the formation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and triggered a series of secessions by various sectors and systems.[1]

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