"The sons of the Jedi are strong in the Force."

Rayf Ysanna was a male Human from Ossus.




Rayf accompanied his sister Jem Ysanna and Luke Skywalker to New Alderaan where he was instrumental in saving Jaina and Jacen Solo from the reborn Emperor Palpatine. After his sister was killed, Rayf traveled to Nespis VIII with Luke Skywalker. Later he accompanied Luke, Kam Solusar and Empatojayos Brand to Vjun in a successful attempt to rescue the Ysanna tribe leaders who had been frozen in carbonite by the Emperor.

While protecting Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo's newborn son Anakin, Rayf was killed by a barrage of Palpatine's Force lightning. He wielded a green lightsaber and traveled on the Jedi explorer I and II.

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