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"Now more than ever, power is the only way to peace. Admiral Versio will cleanse the galaxy, Commander. To remind them who is really in control."
―Moff Raythe to Iden Versio during the Battle of Fondor, regarding the intentions of Operation: Cinder — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Raythe was a human male Moff who served the Galactic Empire. He commanded the Imperial Star Destroyer Dauntless when it was docked at Fondor Station above the planet to extract an experimental weather satellite before being attacked by the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Raythe eventually traveled to Vardos, where Admiral Garrick Versio deployed the arrays.[1]


Stationed at FondorEdit

Fondor shipyard attack

Fondor is attacked by the Rebel Alliance

A human Moff of the Galactic Empire, by 4 ABY, after the Battle of Endor which saw the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, Raythe was stationed at the Fondor Station in orbit over the planet of Fondor.

At the time, Operation: Cinder was instigated by Sentinel droids which delivered the posthumous Emperor's final Imperial prerogative to selected individuals, including Admiral Garrick Versio. Within the plan brought to the Imperial Security Bureau officer was approaching Moff Raythe for experimental satellites needed for the operation's fruition. Raythe's purpose was to retrieve the satellites at the space station for the plan's further advancement.

This was interrupted, however, by an assault of the Alliance to Restore the Republic which forced him to take charge of the space battle aboard his docked Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Dauntless, where he gave out commands to the Imperial pilot of Inferno Squad, Commander Iden Versio, daughter of the Security Bureau admiral, where the pilot was informed of the cruciality of the plan.[1]

Above VardosEdit

Raythe would later travel to Vardos with Admiral Versio, who ordered the satellites to be deployed, unleashing the true cruel nature of the weapons upon the Versios' own homeworld.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Raythe first appeared in the 2017 game, Star Wars Battlefront II.[1]


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