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Raze was the head of a multi-species information brokering organization.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Raze's cybernetic body.

Intelligent even for his species, he was capable of sorting data at superhuman speeds; Raze was an intimidating figure with his multi-segmented, centipedal cybernetic body, which included a pair of heavy blasters on a scorpion-like tail. For unknown reasons, he had an implant in his skull and down his spine that allowed his brain to be seen. It may have had to do with his mental control of the cybernetic portion of his body.

Based out of the Per Lupelo system, his organization relied on taps into various lines of communication along with an army of spies and information gatherers throughout the galaxy. Raze's top lieutenants within the organization were Wyl Tarson, Drybal, a Zabrak and a Ubese.

When Raze attempted to hijack an Imperial cargo convoy, they were beaten to the punch by the Rebellion, acting on information leaked by double agent Tarson. Later, when Tarson attempted to intercept a message in the system for Luke Skywalker from Janek Sunber, he was discovered by Raze, who implanted a bomb and comm unit in his skull and sent him on a mission to Ahakista.

Tarson set out to organize a team to accomplish the mission, which was to steal data from the Imperial database. When in orbit of Ahakista, fighters intercepted Tarson's ship and demanded the access codes. Raze held off to the last second on giving the code to Tarson in order to prove he was still in control of the situation.

Once on the ground, Tarson became involved in Imperial and rebel intrigue and threatened to stop the mission. Laynara, Tarson's lover, pleaded for his life when Raze activated the bomb in Tarson's head. Suddenly, the link was cut. Darth Vader had deactivated the bomb in order to convince Tarson to let him know what was going on. The mission ended with the resistance destroying Pyramid One and the database.[1]

Tarson betrayed both Raze and the Rebel Alliance when he told Vader all he knew to save Laynara. The Imperials came to Per Lupelo to bombard Raze's base in retaliation for the earlier loss of their cargo ships. Raze managed to escape in time.

Even with the loss of his power base, he still commanded respect and considerable resources. When his friend King Arturo contacted him to rescue his kidnapped daughter, Mi, Raze saw to it personally that bounty hunters were dispatched to rescue the lost princess.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Raze was a greedy individual who ran a vast criminal empire on the planet Per Lupelo. He valued loyalty from his associates, going so far as to send them on suicide missions in response to a betrayal. However he also was quick to pay back loyalty with special favors, evidenced by his assistance in rescuing Princess Mi.

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