"This is obviously an act of terrorism. What did the Republic do to stop this? Where are our Jedi? That's it for Tynna. I'll be contacting Count Dooku once we can establish new government headquarters somewhere."

Razelfiin was a female[2] Tynnan[1] and leader of her people on the[2] Expansion Region[4] world of Tynna[2] shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars[3] in 22 BBY.[5] Two months after her election by lottery, the Tynna Central Government Building in Lutris collapsed[2] due to a stone mite infestation.[3] Razelfiin attributed the collapse to a terrorist attack and, angered by a lack of Republic and Jedi intervention, she subsequently declared her intention to contact[2] Confederacy of Independent Systems leader[6] Count Dooku as soon as she could procure a new building from which to govern.[2] Razelfiin eventually pushed Tynna into the Confederacy,[3] but the planet rejoined the Republic before the end of the Clone Wars[1] in 19 BBY.[5]

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Razelfiin first appeared in HoloNet News Vol. 531 #53, an article on the HoloNet News website[2] in 2002.[7] The entry for Tynna in the 2009 reference book The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia mistakenly refers to Razelfiin as male.[1]

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