Razi Khan was a member of an ancient order of Force-using assassins, the Seyugi Dervishes.

As a way to preserve their cult from being destroyed by the Jedi Order, several of its members, including Khan, were frozen in carbonite underneath their hidden base on Recopia.

Many years later, they were accidentally revived by one of the monks of Mallif Cove. Khan killed the monk and tried to reach the island-chain city of Scapio in an effort to locate someone who could open the Seyugi vaults beneath the fortress. He kidnapped a slicer, but was caught, forcing the Seyugi to go into hiding once again.

Khan was a tall figure with dark eyes, completely devoid of body hair. Always dressed in a red cloak, when fighting he wore a white mask with a stylized rancor maw painted upon it. Khan's long carbon-sleep made him jittery and prone to explosive bouts of rage if he was defied—a condition opposite that of most Seyugi, who trained in patience and hiding their emotions.


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