"What is it, Luke—? You look like you've been through a Razian psycho-storm—!"
―Han Solo[1]

A Razian psycho-storm was a phenomenon that originated in the Razia system. When the Rebel Alliance pilot Luke Skywalker, having learned on the planet Arda II of the apparent death of Princess Leia Organa and having experienced a betrayal by the local Kiros Zorad, met his friend, Han Solo, the latter commented that Skywalker looked as if he had been subjected to a Razian psycho-storm.


A Razian psycho-storm was a type of phenomenon[1] originating in[2] the Razia system of the Colonies.[3] It could negatively affect the behavior of beings subjected to it.[1]


Han Solo compared Luke Skywalker's look to him having experienced a Razian psycho-storm.

During the Galactic Civil War, Rebel Alliance pilot Luke Skywalker accompanied the Rebel leader Princess Leia Organa on a mission to the planet Arda II. During their visit, when Skywalker and the local Kiros Zorad came to believe that both the latter's son, Zon, and a kidnapped Organa had been killed at the Caverns of Colla-Di by one of the planet's native kdak creatures, Kiros wanted to exact vengeance upon Mag Doum, who had originally tasked him with interfering with Organa's mission.[1]

Despite the fact that Skywalker had just saved his life from a kdak, Kiros believed that Skywalker would attempt to stop him in his revenge attempt, leading the local to steal the Rebel's blaster pistol and knock him out, subsequently driving Skywalker's speeder away from the caverns. When Skywalker later regained consciousness, he realized what had happened and then, to his relief, encountered his friend Han Solo, who had also arrived on Arda II. Upon seeing Skywalker, Solo remarked that the pilot looked as though he had suffered a Razian psycho-storm, at which point the Rebel relayed to his friend his experiences on the planet.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Razian psycho-storm was mentioned in "As Long As We Live...," a comic story written by Don Christensen, penciled by Russ Manning, and published[1] as part of the daily Star Wars comic strip distributed by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate to major American and Canadian newspapers from 1979 to 1984.[4]


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