"It does have the other characters in it, but is about 75-80% Leia's POV. It takes place about two years or so after A New Hope."
―Martha Wells[5]

Razor's Edge, originally titled Empire and Rebellion: Razor's Edge, is a Star Wars Legends novel and the first volume in the Star Wars: Empire and Rebellion duology. The story takes place one year before the events of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back and focuses primarily on Princess Leia Organa. It was written by Martha Wells and first published by Del Rey in hardcover on September 24, 2013. The first paperback edition was released on October 28, 2014.

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When Rebels clash with renegades, it's the Empire that may claim the final victory.

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Times are desperate for the Rebel Alliance. Harassment by the Empire and a shortage of vital supplies are hindering completion of a new secret base on the ice planet Hoth. So when Mid Rim merchants offer much-needed materials for sale, Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo lead an Alliance delegation to negotiate a deal.

But when treachery forces the rebel ship to flee into territory controlled by pirates, Leia makes a shocking discovery: the fierce marauders come from Leia's homeworld of Alderaan, recently destroyed by the Death Star. These refugees have turned to pillaging and plundering to survive—and they are in debt to a pirate armada, which will gladly ransom the princess to the vengeful Empire... if they find out her true identity.

Struggling with intense feelings of guilt, loyalty, and betrayal, Leia is determined to help her wayward kinspeople, even as Imperial forces are closing in on her own crippled ship. Trapped between lethal cutthroats and brutal oppressors, Leia and Han, along with Luke, Chewbacca, and a battle-ready crew, must defy death—or embrace it—to keep the rebellion alive.

Plot summary[]

Leia, Han and the crew of the rebel ship 'Gamble' were on route to meet with their informant Davit when they were attacked by Imperials. When they escaped to Arnot Station they encountered the Alderaan gunship 'Aegis' that had turned pirates attacking a freighter. When Metara, Captain of the 'Aegis', learned of Leia being onboard she asked to meet. Leia, Han, Sian and Kifar used an escape pod to meet with Metara. Metara explained that they survived the destruction of Alderaan and became pirates afterwards. Now they were in debt with the Lorddian pirate leader Viest. Metara and Leia went to meet with her. Viest made them participate in a game that almost got them killed. Meanwhile, Han went to find the captured slaves and found Davit among them. Han helped Leia defeat a crazy mining droid and Leia won the game. Viest, however, did not honor her promise and sent Leia back to the Aegis. Leia had made an ally, the Twi'lek Anakaret. Anakaret helped Leia and the crew by broadcasting a warning signal when leaving the system which functioned as a distraction. Han and Kifar were captured. Leia went to set charges to the control room. When they got there they faced Viest again. Viest and Metara were killed. Luke and Chewie came in the Millennium Falcon to aid Leia and Han. On their way back they learned that the Gamble had been taken under Imperial control. Setting a meeting point to negotiate Kifar revealed himself as Imperial spy and got Luke captured. Leia arranged for most of the rebel crew to escape and exchanged Luke for an Imperial ship they had taken over. Before that happened pirates entered the system having tracked the Aegis from the pirate clearinghouse via an installed tracker. Imperials, pirates, rebels and the Aegis engaged in a battle. Leia, Han, Chewie, Luke, Sian and the crew of the Aegis (now led by Kelvan) escaped and rendezvoused a month later with the rebels joining the rebellion.


The novel was set to be released on November 5,[source?] but it was moved up to October 1,[6] before being set as September 24, 2013.[7]

Wells finished the final complete draft of the novel on January 15, 2013 and sent it in to editorial on the eighteenth. Though she had an idea for what the title could be in the end, she did not have one cemented at any time during the writing process. The title was to be chosen by Lucasfilm Ltd., from either her ideas or something someone else came up with.[5]



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