Razor's Kiss was an Executor-class Star Dreadnought built at Kuat Drive Yards for the Empire.


Warlord Zsinj sent a boarding party to hijack the vessel before full completion, unaware that the party had been infiltrated by Wraith Squadron.

The captured ship broke free of the shipyard at which she was docked and left to rendezvous with Zsinj's flagship Iron Fist, unaware that Shalla Nelprin of Wraith Squadron had docked her stolen TIE/IN interceptor on her hull while escaping.

Shalla took out the Star Dreadnought's shield generators and bridge, allowing a New Republic battle group, led by the Mon Remonda and commanded by General Han Solo, to finish the job.

It is assumed that after realizing the ship was lost Zsinj sent a self destruct command (as the ship actually blew up) rather than let it fall into the hands of the New Republic.

After the battle, Zsinj expended considerable resources to recover as much of the Razor's Kiss wreckage as possible. The remains of the destroyed Star Dreadnought were used to create the Second Death.

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