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"I like your ship. She's a classic. Razor Crest, am I right? Pre-Empire?"
―A Mythrol to the Mandalorian[src]

The Razor Crest was a gunship used by the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin. It was once a military craft used to patrol local territories prior to the Galactic Empire. Djarin utilized the vessel as his transport and living quarters while hunting fugitives in the Outer Rim Territories.

In 9 ABY, Djarin flew the Razor Crest to the planet Arvala-7 to liberate the Child from a mercenary encampment. When he returned to the gunship, it was being scrapped by a Jawa tribe. After re-obtaining the stolen parts, Djarin and the Ugnaught Kuiil repaired the Razor Crest. Djarin took the Child back to the planet Nevarro for it's bounty, but after changing his mind, he took the Child back and escaped Nevarro from the Bounty Hunters' Guild aboard the Razor Crest.

Djarin took the Razor Crest to the forest planet Sorgan, where he defended a village from raiders. He was also pursued by the bounty hunter Riot Mar in the gunship, who he destroyed. Djarin then stopped at the desert planet Tatooine for repairs for the Razor Crest, which he payed for after teaming with the bounty hunter Toro Calican for credits.

Djarin also used the Razor Crest to infiltrate a New Republic prison ship with a crew of mercenaries to rescue a prisoner. The gunship was piloted by the droid Q9-0 at the for the mission, who was destroyed by Djarin after the rest of the crew betrayed him. Leaving the other mercenaries behind, Djarin took the prisoner back to his client and departed as New Republic forces arrived. After, Greef Karga, an agent of the Guild convinced Djarin to return to Nevarro to overthrow the individual seeking the Child. Djarin returned to Nevarro and defeated the forces pursuing the Child before departing with him.


Collecting bountiesEdit

"My ship has been destroyed. I'm trapped here."
"Stripped. Not destroyed. The Jawas steal. They don't destroy."
"Stolen or destroyed, makes no difference to me."
―Din Djarin and Kuiil, after the Razor Crest was stripped for parts by Jawas — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

The Razor Crest was built as a military craft at some point before the formation of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY,[5] and was used to patrol local territories.[4] By 9 ABY,[7] the ship came into the possession of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin who used it as his personal living quarters as well as a transport for captured fugitives in the Outer Rim Territories.[4]

Around 9 ABY, Djarin travelled to the ice planet Maldo Kreis where he captured a Mythrol and returned to the ship via a ferry. As they were about to depart, a ravinak attacked the ship's landing gear, dragging it down. Djarin, though, repelled the beast with his Amban sniper rifle. The Mythrol was frozen in carbonite as Djarin returned to Nevarro to turn in his bounties to the Bounty Hunters' Guild leader Greef Karga. After accepting his next bounty from the Client, he travelled to the desert planet Arvala-7.[3]


The Razor Crest was scavenged for parts by a tribe of Jawas.

Arriving on Arvala-7, Djarin acquired his bounty,[3] returning to the ship with the target in hand. However, the Razor Crest had been scavenged by a Jawa tribe for parts, rendering the ship unable to take off. Djarin tracked down the tribe with the help of the Ugnaught Kuiil and negotiated for the parts, agreeing to acquire a mudhorn egg. Exchanging the egg for the parts, he rebuilt the ship with the help of Kuiil and departed the planet.[8]

On the runEdit

"I can bring you in warm or I can bring you in cold."
"That's my line."
―Riot Mar and the Mandalorian, during space combat — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Djarin returned to Nevarro with the Child in hand and turned in the bounty. After a change of heart, he rescued the Child and made his way back to the ship, but was stopped when the Bounty Hunters' Guild intervened. Djarin later escaped to his ship with the help of his tribe. Karga, who had sneaked on board during the gunfight, threatened him at gunpoint, but was shot and knocked out of the ship, after which Djarin left Nevarro with the Child.[9]

Riot Mar Ship

Riot Mar pursues the Razor Crest.

The bounty hunter set his sights on the forest planet of Sorgan and landed some distance away from the local town. Deeming the locale unsafe for the Child, Djarin returned to the Razor Crest, but was approached by krill farmers Caben and Stoke, who asked him to defend their village from raiders. The farmers helped Djarin unload supplies from the ship. Following the battle at the village, Djarin was forced to depart the planet with the Child after discovering that the Guild was still hunting him down.[10]

While in space, the Razor Crest was attacked by bounty hunter Riot Mar in his fighter. The starship sustained damage to one of its engines, causing a fuel leak. Djarin braked his ship so that Mar overflew him, allowing him to shoot down Mar from behind. Djarin was forced to make an emergency landing in Bay three-five on Tatooine. The bay's mechanic, Peli Motto, repaired the starship while Djarin went to Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina to look for work, meeting and teaming up with rookie bounty hunter Toro Calican. After Calican betrayed him, Djarin returned to the bay and found the rookie holding both Motto and the Child hostage at the Razor Crest's entrance ramp. After killing Calican, Djarin boarded the starship with the Child and left Tatooine.[2]

The prison breakEdit

"It's a five person job. I got four. All I need is the ride, and you brought it."
"The ship wasn't part of the deal."
"Well, the Crest is the only reason I let you back in here."
―Ranzar Malk and Din Djarin[src]

The Razor Crest at Ranzar Malk's space station.

Djarin took the Razor Crest to a space station hangar bay where he was convinced by Ranzar Malk, known as "Ran," to join a crew of mercenaries to rescue an imprisoned ally from a New Republic prison ship. The team, led by the ex-Imperial sharpshooter Mayfeld, included the Devaronian Burg, the droid Q9-0, better known as "Zero," and the Twi'lek Xi'an. When Mayfeld saw the Razor Crest, he compared it to a "Canto Bight slot machine".[6]

Djarin reluctantly agreed to let Zero pilot his ship during the mission. While checking the Razor Crest's systems, Zero encountered a garbled hologram transmission from Karga and reported the ship to be a mess, despite recent repairs; citing leaking hyperlinks, intermittent navigation, and that the hyperdrive was operating at 63.3% efficiency. When Zero questioned using Razor Crest, Ran replied that the gunship was off both Imperial and New Republic grids and that it could jam New Republic codes. Ran went on to explain that the plan was to board the space station through its blindspot, which was why Zero was piloting.[6]

Djarin and the crew then departed the space station aboard the Razor Crest. During the journey, tensions grew between Djarin and Burg and they began to fight, accidentally opening a compartment with the Child inside in the process. Mayfeld and the others examined, theorising its origin. Mayfeld joked about taking the Child away as his own pet. The Razor Crest then exited hyperspace directly above the New Republic prison ship and maneuvered to land on top of the ship's hull, shaking the crew around in the process. Djarin opened a hatch beneath the Razor Crest to enter the prison ship.[6]

Zero remained on the Razor Crest and redirected the security alert while the rest of the searched for Ran's ally the aboard prison ship. During the mission, a tracking beacon was set off by a New Republic soldier called and Zero warned the crew that they had twenty minutes before New Republic reinforcements arrived. After finding Ran's ally, Xian's brother Qin, Mayfeld and his crew betrayed Djarin and locked him in a cell. Zero, meanwhile, looked through Djarin's transmissions and discovered his troubles with the Bounty Hunters' Guild and the Child's importance to the Guild. Djarin, having escape his cell, blocked communications from Zero. Zero then found the Child standing outside the cockpit. Zero got a blaster and began looking for the Child, who had fled.[6]

Zero found the Child, but Djarin, who had returned to the ship after defeating the rest of Mayfeld's crew, shot him in the back. Djarin flew the Razor Crest back to Ran's space station with Qin as his prisoner and collected the reward for Qin from Ran. Djarin then left in his ship before it is revealed that he had put the New Republic tracking beacon in Qin's pocket. Several New Republic X-wing starfighters arrived and attacked space station before Ran and Qin could launch a ship to attack the Razor Crest.[6]

Return to NevarroEdit

While aboard the Razor Crest, Djarin watched a hologram transmission from Karga, who insisted that the Client was their mutual enemy and requested that the Mandalorian helped the Bounty Hunters' Guild in taking the Client out. Karga proposed that if Djarin brought the Child back to Nevarro and as bait to eliminate out the Client, then Karga would clear his name and Djarin could keep the Child. Before returning to Nevarro, Djarin took the Razor Crest back to Sorgan and enlisted the help of Cara Dune, an ex-shock trooper for the Alliance to Restore the Republic who had helped on Sorgan. Back on the Razor Crest, Djarin and Dune discussed the mission and prepared for the coming battle in the cargo hold. In the cockpit, the Child played with the ship's controls and causes the Razor Crest to veer sharply.[11]

Dune pointed out that they needed someone to watch over the Child, so they returned to Arvala-7 to recruit Kuiil and his recently reprogrammed droid IG-11. Kuiil also convinced Djarin to let him bring his three blurrgs. During the flight to Nevarro, Djarin and Dune had a game of arm wrestling. The Child, thinking the Mandalorian was in danger, force choked Dune before being stopped by Djarin. Kuiil helped Djarin create a new pram for the Child in order to keep him safe and out of sight.[11]

When the Razor Crest arrived on Nevarro, Djarin and his team are greeted by Karga and three other bounty hunters. The team agreed that Djarin, Kuiil and Dune will ride the blurrgs, while IG-11 will stay behind to guard the ship. Later, after the plan to overthrow the Client's forces failed and the team was exposed, Kuiil attempted to flee with the Child back to the Razor Crest, but was gunned down shortly before reaching the ramp by two scout troopers on 74-Z speeder bikes. The scout troopers kidnapped the Child[11] and attempted to return him to the Client's superior, Moff Gideon. IG-11 thus left the ship in order to pursue them and rescue the Child. After a successful rescue and escape from Gideon's forces, Djarin and his crew returned to the Razor Crest with the Child where Djarin buried Kuiil and gave the Child his Mythosaur necklace. Dune and Karga remained on Nevarro while Djarin left with the Child.[12]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Razor Crest was designed by Lucasfilm Ltd. veteran concept artist (and vice president) Doug Chiang. It was created as both practical and computer-generated models.[13]

In January 2020 Chiang, John Goodson, Landis Fields, and Jay Machado were presented with the VES (Visual Effects Society) Award for Outstanding Model in a Photoreal or Animated Project for the craft's design.[14]


Non-canon appearancesEdit


Notes and referencesEdit

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