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"One razor bug is a nuisance. Three might leave you scarred. Five will flay you alive."
Jaina Solo[3]

Razor bugs or razorbugs were small, disc-shaped insects that were biologically engineered by the Yuuzhan Vong to serve as thrown ranged weapons that had the capability of being thrown up to 130 meters.[1]



A spiked variant of razor bug

Razor bugs were projectile biots used by the Yuuzhan Vong. Shaped from the sparkbee, the razor bug was a relative of the thud bug, but served a different purpose. Essentially living knives, razor bugs had carapaces that were capable of shredding flesh and piercing certain types of armor. When thrown, the razor bug would deploy its wings which helped guide it towards the target, giving it the homing capabilities similar to the thud bug. They also had a vapid tenaciousness to continue attacking a target until either it or the razor bug was subdued.

Yuuzhan Vong warriors could throw several razor bugs at once to engulf their enemies.[3] A skilled wielder could also throw the razor bug and cause it to immediately return to his hand.[1] Like other Yuuzhan Vong weapons, razor bugs could be integrated into a Yuuzhan Vong's chest and body.[3]


An underside view of a razor bug

Yuuzhan Vong warriors armed with razor bugs included Choka Skell and Liaan Lah.[1]

Following the Yuuzhan Vong War they became outlawed, but were still used by such underworld types as Jariah Syn.




Jariah Syn's razor bug.

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