"Take my troopers, Rbann... and capture one of the Freelies!"

Rbann was a Kubaz Imperial spy who worked directly for Blackhole, the shadowy Director of Imperial Intelligence. In 1 ABY, Blackhole dispatched Rbann to the "Gambler's World" of Vorzyd V, ordering the Kubaz to track prominent Rebel leaders Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, who Blackhole had learned had been sent to Vorzyd V to disrupt Imperial operations there. Rbann quickly managed to track them to the Casino Royale in the capital city of Efavan, and his stormtroopers overpowered the Rebels and imprisoned them aboard Rbann's ship.[1]

However, Skywalker and Organa managed to escape with the help of their droids, C-3PO and R2-D2. Soon afterward, Blackhole learned that Organa had been kidnapped for ransom by a delinquent youth gang known as the Freelies, and tasked Rbann to capture one of the gang's number so they could extract Organa's location. Rbann managed to track down a Freelie named Bemmie, but Blackhole's efforts to torture the young Vorzydiak were foiled when Skywalker arrived and freed their captive.[1]

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Rbann made his first and only appearance in the Star Wars Legends continuity in Gambler's World, a comic strip story arc written and illustrated by Russ Manning and released in 1979.[1]


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