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Hypermatter reactors on Imperial I-class Star Destroyers, Venator-class Star Destroyers and Death Star I.

"Once the shield is down, our cruisers will create a perimeter, while the fighters fly into the superstructure and attempt to knock out the main reactor."
―Admiral Gial Ackbar details the Rebel Alliance's attack plan against the second Death Star[1]

A reactor, also called a main reactor or reactor core, was a central power generating facility found in starships, space stations and planet-bound power plants of virtually any size.


The Second Death Star's reactor, moments before its destruction.

During the Battle of Naboo, Anakin Skywalker accidentally destroyed the starboard reactor of the Droid Control Ship Vuutun Palaa, and started a chain reaction. The destruction also disabled the Trade Federation's battle droid army.

Reactors could function on vastly different principles, ranging from chemical reactions to nuclear fission and fusion to hypermatter annihilation.

The first, second, and third Death Star utilized hypermatter reactor cores, which in both cases were exploited by the Alliance to Restore the Republic to destroy the gargantuan battlestations. The main reactor was not a weak point in the Death Star I. It was only a section that was not well protected by the Imperial Navy because they assumed no threat could come close to doing damage. The weakness on the Death Star(s) were that small craft were able to avoid the heavy turbolasers. Thus, they could fly down the polar trench and destroy the huge battle station.


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Sun Generator on Zakuul

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