"The Jedi are a threat to be eradicated wherever they are found."
"Then you have one Jedi left to deal with."
―Fourth Sister and Barriss Offee[1]

"Realization" is the fifth episode of the animated anthology series Star Wars: Tales of the Empire. The episode premiered on May 4, 2024.

Official description[]

On a mission to hunt a fugitive, complications change Barriss forever.

Plot summary[]

A dark mission[]

"As Inquisitors, we bring order, not chaos."
"Rebellion creates chaos."
―Barriss Offee and Fourth Sister[1]

Inquisitors Barriss Offee and Fourth Sister are journeying through hyperspace in the Phi-class shuttle Scythe in search of a target purported to be working with rebels. Offee notes that the intel they received was not definitive as to whether the target was a Jedi, but Fourth Sister chides her for questioning the Grand Inquisitor. They arrive at a rocky world and land just outside a crumbling settlement, walking past cowering residents. Offee laments at their abject lack, wondering how the Emperor allowed such suffering. Fourth Sister maintains that they would flourish were they to show loyalty to the Galactic Empire.[1]

They walk to a part of town with people of various species. Fourth Sister demands to know where the Jedi is, warning them of the Jedi's danger, but the governor swears that there are no Jedi. Meanwhile, Offee kindly asks a young boy for information, who is more willing and reveals that the Jedi is in the mountains. Offee tells her colleague and prepares to leave, but angered at the governor's lying, Fourth Sister goes on a killing rampage, sending the villagers running and screaming as Offee watches, horrified.[1]

Fourth Sister walks out, glaring at Offee, who is standing protectively in front of the child who revealed the location. Offee cautions him not to look back at the carnage. As the Inquisitors make their way to the mountains, Offee debates with Fourth Sister about what had happened, though her fellow Inquisitor is certain that she did the right thing. They reach the cliff base and begin scaling the mountainside, nearly falling as large rocks fall down in their way. Now behind Fourth Sister, by the time Offee reaches the top, the Inquisitor and Jedi are already clashing.[1]

Jedi and an Inquisitor[]

"I won't let you die. You're not alone."
―Barriss Offee to the Jedi[1]

The Jedi knocks Fourth Sister to the ground, leaving them to deal with Offee. They attempt to strike but Offee defends, imploring them to surrender. She refutes the Jedi's claims that she is a traitor and murderer, though the Jedi is skeptical. As Offee gains ground, she begs the Jedi to come peacefully instead of cling to a fallen order. They both lower their lightsabers, with the Jedi agreeing that they are indeed tired of running. However, just as they were relenting, Fourth Sister attacks from behind, announcing the matter finished and taking their lightsaber.[1]

Offee insists that they bring the Jedi to the ship to save them, but Fourth Sister is uninterested. She does not care that the Jedi was going to surrender, instead concerned with eradicating Jedi everywhere. At that, Offee declares that she has one more Jedi with which to deal, but just as Fourth Sister ignites her blades, Offee Force pushes her off the mountain, tossing her own Inquisitor helmet after her. She then rushes back to the dying Jedi, assuring them that she would try to save them and that they were not alone.[1]


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