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A realspace view of the galaxy

"Sir, the Electrum has reverted to realspace."
―A technician, to Wilhuff Tarkin[src]

Realspace,[1] also called normal space,[2] space-normal to the Chiss,[3] or simply space,[4] was the dimension in which all of the galaxy's residents lived. The vast majority of space was a vacuum, a depressurized area devoid of atmosphere. The vacuum of space was fatal to many living organisms without the use of some sort of EVA suit and was unable to sustain fire.[5] Because travel using sublight engines within realspace was slow, sentients found a technological way to access the shadow dimension known as hyperspace. A starship equipped with a hyperdrive would "jump" from realspace into hyperspace, and "revert" from hyperspace to realspace.[1]

Species that could survive in the vacuum of space include exogorths[6] and Cylo's cyborg Whale-ships.[7] Neebrays could survive in nebulae, such as the Kaliida Nebula.[8] As well as being able to survive in space, the purrgil were capable of traveling through hyperspace.[9]

Many droids were able to operate in space. Astromech droids were exposed to the vacuum of space when conducting repairs outside the hull of a starship[10] and when inserted into the astromech socket of a starfighter.[11] KX-series security droids could also survive in the vacuum of space.[12] Battle droids, used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, occasionally sat on the outside of ships, such as pod-hunting shuttles.[13]

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