This article is about Reaper, the destroyer. You may be looking for a different Reaper.

The Reaper was a destroyer, that served in the Confederate Navy, during the Clone Wars. It was armed with forty turbolasers.


During the conflict, the Reaper traveled to the Fath system as part of a taskforce that had been sent to capture the planet JanFathal. When the task force realized that the Republic starship Leveler was in the system, the Reaper broke off from the rest of the taskforce, to go and capture the Leveler. The crew of the Leveler detected the Reaper's approach towards their position, but mistakenly identified it as the Confederate light cruiser Discord. However, they soon realized their mistake and the Leveler jumped into hyperspace. Afterward, the Reaper reported the Leveler's escape to the Trade Federation command.


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