The rearing spider, also known as the giant cave spider, was a large arachnid native to Endor that got its name from its way of intimidation and attacking, standing on its rear and encompassing its prey with all of its legs. Unlike most spiders, the rearing spider would hunt its prey instead of capturing them in webbing. It could usually be found in desert caves or scavenging the rotten meat left by a Gorax.

The courageous caravan's encounterEdit

In approximately 3 ABY, a caravan in search of two Human children's missing parents came to the cave fortress of their kidnapper, a Gorax, in the Desert of Salma. Inside the Gorax's cavernous lair they encountered several rearing spiders. The Ewok priestess Kaink used her magic scepter to momentarily hypnotize one of their pursuers. Just as the spider came out of its hypnotic trance, the Ewok Chukha-Trok cut a main anchoring strand of the large web the spider was on with his axe. The spider plunged into a deep crevice, screeching to its death.

During this encounter, another rearing spider was speared in its soft underside by the Ewok Wicket W. Warrick.


A rearing spider becomes a condor dragon family's prey.



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