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Reath Silas[3] was a human[4] male Jedi Padawan who lived during the High Republic Era. The apprentice of Jedi High Council member Jora Malli,[3] most of his apprenticeship had been spent on Coruscant or in high-level diplomatic meetings,[4] before Malli was appointed the commander of the Jedi quarter aboard the new space station Starlight Beacon.[3] Silas was subsequently assigned to the station with his master, a move that did not please him since he preferred spending his time in the Jedi Archives instead of partaking in adventures away from Coruscant. Nonetheless, he was sent out to the galactic frontier along with Jedi Master Cohmac Vitus and Jedi Knights Orla Jareni and Dez Rydan, the starship they were traveling on, the Byne Guild transport Vessel, was knocked out of hyperspace as part of the Great Disaster, and he and his fellow travelers were stranded at an abandoned space station.[2]

As the various ships in the area began to land at the station, the Vessel moved to help a small, thrown together ship that was having problems. Upon helping them to the station, Silas and the others met the two passengers, the young girl Nan and her companion, an older Zabrak named Hague.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Reath Silas was an adolescent human male with short, brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin. His physical appearance was considered attractive according to Cohmac Vitus, a fact that endeared Silas to the Nihil member Nan. His hair was tied into a Padawan braid, although it was later ripped out by a Wookiee infant.[2]

Reath Silas was a studious young Jedi who loved to learn about ancient history. He preferred reading in the Jedi Archives as opposed to the fantastical adventures that many of his fellow Padawans yearned for. As such, he was not excited to be stationed at the Starlight Beacon with his master. He was friends with Dez Rydan, who had been Master Malli's Padawan before him, which made his peers jealous. After Malli's death during the Great Disaster, Silas decided to travel to Starlight nonetheless, accepting that Malli thought it was best for him and wanting to comply with his master's final wishes.[2]

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

As a Jedi Padawan, Reath Silas had a connection to the Force. Like many other Force-sensitives, with this connection, Silas was granted many notable abilities. Silas had shown the ability to use telekinesis, such as when he assisted Affie Hollow by steadying her balance without touching her, or clearing a hallway of fire and smoke with a Force push. The Force also granted him the ability to jump very high; many meters in to the air with little effort. Despite these abilities, Reath himself noted that, relative to other Jedi, his connection to the Force was not particularly strong. He regularly struggled with influencing minds, and did not experience Force-related sensations and emotions as strongly as others.[2]

Silas was capable with a lightsaber, achieving very high marks during his training at the Jedi Temple. He was able to fend off attacks from a Drengir-influenced Dez Rydan for a short time. Aside from his combative and Force-related abilities, Reath had basic engineering skills and was capable of piloting speeders with considerable skill. Due to his many hours spent studying in the Jedi Archives, Silas knew of many historical events and cultures, including the Amaxine warriors.[2]

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"Reath is almost like if you made Hermione Granger a boy and put him in the Star Wars universe. He’s reading Hogwarts: A History or I guess Jedi Temple: A History. He believes in the rules for a reason. He wants everything to go according to plan, but just like Hermione, he also gets why sometimes you have to bend the rules a little bit and does not lack for any amount of courage."
―Claudia Gray[src]

Concept art of Reath Silas

Reath Silas was created for the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia project, a narrative initiative that follows the Jedi two centuries before the events of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.[5] Silas was first mentioned in the 2021 novel The High Republic: Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule,[3] and debuted in the young adult novel The High Republic: Into the Dark by Claudia Gray in the same year.[6] The character was first pictured on the cover of Into the Dark when it was showcased to the public during the reveal of the Star Wars: The High Republic project on February 24, 2020.[5] He was identified as Reath Silas by Claudia Gray during an episode of The Star Wars Show released on YouTube two days later.[7] Gray derived the character's surname from a fan who suggested using his son's first name as the name of a Star Wars character.[8]

Gray described him as a Jedi who adhered more closely to the rules than his peers and who took a more cerebral approach to the Force rather than an instinctual one. While developing Silas, the author drew inspiration from Hermione Granger, a character from the Harry Potter book series. She wanted Silas to be a Jedi whose skill stemmed from hard work rather than natural talent.[9]

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