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"Look how many there are!"
"This, my friends, this is our rebellion."
―Ezra Bridger and Senator Mon Mothma witness the newly-formed Alliance Fleet[12]

The Rebel Alliance Navy, shortened to Alliance Navy and Rebel Navy, alternatively identified as the Rebel Armada, the Alliance Fleet, the Rebel Alliance fleet, and simply as the Rebel fleet, was the naval wing of the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire. It was formed from the starships of various rebel cells that joined into the Alliance Military. Following the Battle of Endor and the formation of the New Republic, the Alliance Fleet transitioned into the New Republic Defense Fleet.


Rebel fleet Mustafar

Ships of the Phoenix Cell helping out the Spectres.

In the early days of the rebellion against the Galactic Empire, various rebel cells began coordinating their efforts to combat the reign of the Empire. A rebel fleet was beginning to form.[18]

In 4 BBY,[19] Phoenix Cell, an Alliance sector fleet,[2] dispatched three CR90 corvettes to rescue the rebel cell Spectres during a skirmish above Mustafar. The corvettes destroyed several TIE fighters before spiriting the Spectres away into space. The Spectres soon learned that they were one cell among many others.[18] Later elements of the rebel fleet ambushed an Imperial convoy and stole several deflector shield generators. While hiding in deep space, the Phoenix Squadron's ships came under attack from the Sith Lord Darth Vader, who destroyed all but two A-wings and the Squadron's flagship Phoenix Home. Despite these losses, the rebels managed to flee into hyperspace before Imperial reinforcements arrived.[20]

When Captain Rex joined Phoenix Squadron, he supplied them with information on the location of former Republic bases in the Outer Rim Territories and some Mandalorian ones.[21] Later, the rebel fleet made two attempts to breach the Imperial blockade of Ibaar. After losing a corvette, the rebel pilot Hera Syndulla managed to break through using a prototype B-wing starfighter. As a result, she was promoted to Phoenix Leader.[22] Later on in 3 BBY, the rebel fleet was forced to abandon their facilities in Garel City after the Empire launched an attack on the planet Garel. At least one ship was shot down, but most of the fleet escaped into hyperspace.[23]

After learning of the rebel fleet's losses, Senator Bail Organa sent three Sphyrna-class Hammerhead corvettes to reinforce the fleet. The Spectres and Ryder Azadi managed to steal the ships from the Lothal Depot with the help of Princess Leia Organa.[24] During a diplomatic mission to the Concord Dawn system, elements of the Phoenix Squadron were attacked by Fenn Rau's Fang fighters. In response, the rebels attacked the Protectors' encampment on the third moon of Concord Dawn and kidnapped Rau. As a result, Rau granted the rebel fleet safe passage through the Concord Dawn system.[25]

Later, the loss of A-wings led the rebels to steal an Imperial Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier above Ryloth with the help of the Free Ryloth Movement. The stolen Imperial ship became their new fighter carrier and flagship Phoenix Nest.[26] The Empire later tried to lure the rebel fleet into a trap in the Yost system by attacking the Phoenix Squadron in deep space. However, the rebel astromech droid Chopper and the defecting Imperial inventory droid AP-5 gave the rebel fleet the coordinates to a safe planet called Atollon.[27] Atollon became the site for a new rebel base called Chopper Base.[28]

In 2 BBY, the Imperial tactician Grand Admiral Thrawn turned his attention to defeating the rebel fleet, which he viewed as a threat to the Empire's armada and Emperor Palpatine's plans. Under his orders, Governor Arihnda Pryce, Admiral Kassius Konstantine, and Agent Kallus intercepted Phoenix Squadron above the planet Yarma. However, Thrawn realized that this was not the complete rebel fleet and instructed his subordinates to allow the rebels to escape with five stolen Y-wing bombers. These Y-wings were later transferred to General Jan Dodonna's unit.[29]

Later, the rebel fleet's Phoenix Squadron evacuated rebel sympathizers from the planet Mykapo prior to an Imperial crackdown. Commander Jun Sato also managed to rescue his nephew Mart Mattin and his Iron Squadron with the help of the Spectres. Thrawn allowed the Phoenix Squadron to escape into space since he was after the entire rebel fleet.[30]

TheRebellion SecretCargo

The Alliance Fleet being formed following Senator Mon Mothma's speech

Following Admiral Kassius Konstantine's failed attempt to capture Senator Mon Mothma, starships from various rebel cells (One Mon Calamari Cruiser, four Sphyrna-class Hammerhead corvettes, one Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier, eight CR90 corvettes, five Nebulon-B escort frigates, and two GR-75 medium transports) assembled at Dantooine to become the Rebel Alliance's fleet to fight the Empire.[12]


Early rebellion against the Galactic Empire[]

"…Thrawn believes this is the entire rebel fleet."
―Hera Syndulla[31]

Bail and Breha Organa began building the Rebel fleet early in the war. Many of its ships were refurbished in various Rebel shipyards, such as Paucris Major. The Organas also stole an Imperial medical frigate.[32]

One of the first engagements the nascent Alliance Fleet took part in was when the Phoenix Cell and a portion of the Massassi Group massed at Chopper Base on Atollon. They planned on attacking the TIE/d "Defender" Multi-Role Starfighter factories on Lothal with the help of the Lothal resistance group. Grand Admiral Thrawn however, had discovered not only their plan to attack his factories but their location as well. His Fleet ambushed the rebels and they attempted to flee. Thrawn's Interdictor vessels kept the rebels at Atollon and they began attacking his blockade. The battle was a disastrous rout for the Alliance, with many their ships falling to TIE/sa bombers and Phoenix Squadron's flagship ramming into one of the Interdictors. Jedi Padawan and Lieutenant Commander Ezra Bridger escaped the system, leaving the remaining rebels to defend the base from Thrawn's ground forces. Thrawn quickly took the base but not for long as a Force-sensitive creature called the Bendu attacked both sides. Ezra returned with reinforcements and they destroyed the second Interdictor Vessel allowing the remaining rebels to escape. Only the Ghost, two Hammerhead corvettes, the CR90 corvette Liberator, and a scattering of starfighters survived.[31]

Galactic Civil War[]

Battle of Scarif[]

"Send the whole Rebel fleet if you have to."
Jyn Erso, to Alliance High Command[7]

The Alliance Fleet during the Battle of Scarif

Despite the losses from prior battles, the Alliance began to consolidate additional support and more vessels. The first major action of the Alliance Fleet was at Scarif. Here, a fleet led by Admiral Raddus assaulted the Imperial Shield Gate above Scarif, to support the theft of the Death Star plans below in the Citadel Tower. Even with many ships, the rebel fleet is still outgunned, as a majority of their ships were transports, frigates, and corvettes with the Profundity being the only capitol ship the rebels have at that time. Despite the lack of capitol ships available, the Alliance ships still put up a fierce fight. Raddus ordered Blue Squadron to fly through the shield gate before it closed and support the ground forces. Meanwhile, Red, Gold, and Green Squadron defended the fleet whilst individually attacking the shield gate to draw its attention. The Y-wings of Gold Squadron disabled one of the Imperial-class Star Destroyers while the Heartbound and Deviant kept the other Star Destroyer from advancing.[7]


The Lightmaker rams the Star Destroyer Persecutor into the Star Destroyer Intimidator

Raddus then got news from the ground that the plans to the Death Star were obtained and the shield gate would need to be destroyed in order for them to be transmitted. Raddus, therefore, devised a plan for the Sphyrna-class corvette Lightmaker to ram the disabled Star Destroyer into the functioning one. The Lightmaker successfully did this and managed to bring the Destroyer into the shield gate. Raddus' ship, the Profundity, then received the plans from the rebels in the citadel tower. Their moment of victory was cut short when the Death Star arrived and destroyed the Imperial complex and everything around it on the ground. Raddus ordered the fleet to retreat and the rebel ships began jumping to hyperspace. In the middle of their retreat, the Devastator arrived, destroyed several ships, and disabled the Profundity. Rebel soldiers on the Profundity downloaded the plans onto a memory piece and escaped on the Tantive IV before Darth Vader could intercept them.[7] The Profundity was destroyed thereafter, taking Raddus and his crew with it.

Pursuit above Tatooine[]

"The Rebel Alliance is too well equipped. They're more dangerous than you realize."
―General Cassio Tagge[6]

The Tantive IV is pulled into the Devastator's hangar

Following its escape from Scarif, the Tantive IV was on the run. It had sustained damage before its time inside the Profundity and barely made it to Tatooine before its hyperdrive gave out. It was pursued by the Devastator, which was able to track its trail of leaking radiation from the damaged hyperdrive.[33] Unable to put up a proper fight, Tantive IV soon found itself being pulled into the hanger of the Devastator. Darth Vader and his stormtroopers stormed the ship, killing many rebels, and Leia Organa was captured and taken to the Death Star.[6]

The Battle of Yavin[]

The Alliance finally received the Death Star plans from Organa, who had been rescued from the Death Star by Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca. Their next move was to target its weakness—a small thermal exhaust port which led to the reactor—to destroy it. Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin had tracked Han's ship the Millennium Falcon to Yavin 4, revealing the location of Great Temple to the Empire. Tarkin took the Death Star to Yavin and the battle station began orbiting the gas giant, which would soon put it in firing range of the moon where the rebels were based. Short for time, the rebels dispatched Red and Gold and Green Squadron to attack the Death Star. The force of 30 X-wings and Y-wings began destroying turret emplacement and fending off the incoming TIE Fighters defending the Death Star.[6]


Luke Skywalker makes the final trench run in the Death Star while chased by Darth Vader.

Gold Squadron was the first to make an attack run through the Death Stars trench with three Y-wings, flown by Gold Leader Jon Vander, Gold Two Dex Tiree, and Gold Five Davish Krail. They started targeting the exhaust port with their targeting computers but soon found themselves under fire from Darth Vader and two other TIE fighter pilots. The three were killed before they could fire upon the exhaust port. The second attack run was done by Red Squadron with 3 X-wings flown by Red Leader Garven Dreis, Red Ten Theron Nett, and Red Twelve Puck Naeco. Theron and Puck were picked off by Darth Vader, but Garven managed to get a shot on the exhaust port, which missed. Garven was then shot down by Vader when pulling out of the Death Stars trench.[6]

The final trench run was done by three of the remaining Red Squadron X-wings flown by Red Two Wedge Antilles, Red Three Biggs Darklighter, and Red Five Skywalker. They too were pursued by Darth Vader who destroyed Biggs's X-wing and damaged Wedge's X-wing to the point he had to pull out. Luke was about to be destroyed when Han Solo brought in the Millennium Falcon and attacked Vader and his escort. Vader escaped allowing Luke to make the shot on the exhaust port. Only Luke, Han, Wedge, and Gold Three Evaan Verlaine survived. The Death Star exploded, killing Grand Moff Tarkin and many other high-ranking Imperial officers like Colonel Wullf Yularen.[6]

Fleeing Yavin[]

"…the Empire now knows our location. Therefore, our first priority is to find a new base of operations. To that end, all Rebel fleets have arrived to assist us in evacuating Yavin immediately."
―General Jan Dodonna[34]

Following the battle, Admiral Gial Ackbar, promoted to replace the late Raddus, and the Rebel Fleet arrived at Yavin 4 to begin evacuating their base.[34] Afterwards, the Rebel Fleet orbited the remote world of Orto Plutonia while waiting for a suitable base of operations to be established, sending rebel troopers to the planet below for training exercises. The mathematical genius Drusil Bephorin correctly predicted that the Rebel Fleet would be located there and was later rescued from her Imperial captivity by Luke Skywalker.[35] Following the rebel attack on Cymoon 1, Princess Leia and her team rendezvoused with the fleet to meet Ackbar and Mon Mothma.[36]

Sometime after, Skywalker and Organa undertook an undercover diplomatic mission to Tibrin to rally the Ishi Tib to their cause. The mission was a success with the fleet of the Ishi Tib joining the rebels.[37]

The Mid Rim Retreat[]

After the Battle of Yavin, the Rebellion took advantage of its momentum and launched the Mid Rim Offensive, which included thousands of warships and hundreds of battle groups. The campaign was unsuccessful, forcing the rebel forces to retreat.[38]

Massacre at Vrogas Vas[]

Dogfight over Vrogas Vas

Vader fights many X-wings

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, at least five Alliance starfighter squadrons were stationed at the Rebel Refueling Base on Vrogas Vas, including Red Squadron. Their time there was cut short, however, when Darth Vader arrived in the system to find Luke Skywalker. Vader was faced with Red, Blue, and Yellow Squadron. Without hesitation, the Dark Lord of the Sith began tearing their X-wings apart until Skywalker crashed his X-wing into Vader's TIE. The pair plummeted towards the surface and the Y-wings of Gray Squadron began a search for them. Unlucky for them, Gray Squadron found Vader first and the Sith began hurling rocks at them, destroying the Y-wings one by one.[39]

The Rebel Refueling Base began sending ground forces towards Vader's position, escorted by the T-47 airspeeders of Cyan Squadron. They faced Vader, who outsmarted the rebels by activating their grenades and scattering them. Many airspeeders fell in the fight.[40] Later on, Leia Organa ordered the Y-wings of Amber Wing to bombard Vader's new position. The Y-wings were cut off by the Imperial forces led by Commander Karbin. The remaining rebels began retreating as infighting between Vader and Karbin broke out. Karbin was killed in the fight.[41]

Attack on the Mako-Ta Space Docks[]

"It seems your "Master Stroke" falls short. The rebels were not annihilated, my apprentice."
"They lost over half their cruisers, they have lost over 90 percent of their fighters. What is left cannot be described as a rebellion. They can no longer hurt us, we will annihilate them at our leisure. The loss of the Death Star made the galaxy think they could rebel. This has shown that the rebellion can never win."
"Hmph. It is… satisfactory."
―Emperor Sheev Palpatine and Darth Vader after the Battle of Mako-Ta[42]
SW 50 Executor and Willard ship

Vanden Willard's cruiser is fired on by the Executor

Following the death of king Lee-Char and the mutiny on Mon Cala, twelve Mon Calamari cruisers joined the Alliance Fleet and gathered around the Mako-Ta Space Docks and for months[14] were converted with Shu-Torun technology into warships. The Alliance leadership, along with Queen Trios of Shu-Torun, celebrated the gathering of completion and gathering of the fleet with a light show performed by X-wing pilots. After the light show, the fleet prepared to launch into hyperspace and scatter throughout the galaxy, ready to be called upon to fight the Empire, but when the launch was attempted, the fleet discovered that their hyperdrives were inoperable. After it was revealed that the Shu-Torun technology was inoperable, Alliance leadership could only watch in despair as Darth Vader's Death Squadron arrived and destroyed Yavin's Hope, killing Willard and his entire crew.[43]

Following Willard's death, the Alliance discovered that the hangar doors on the Mon Cala ships could still open automatically if a ship flew close enough to their sensors. In an attempt to mobilize the Alliance's starfighters, General Bandwin Cor flew a shuttle towards a Mon Cala cruiser, but his shuttle was destroyed, killing him. Shortly after General Cor's death, Han Solo arrived in the Millennium Falcon.[44] He was briefed on the situation and made a run at the hangar doors of General Dodonna's cruiser, but he was pursued by Vader. C-3PO was able to get word to Luke Skywalker about the hangar doors and Skywalker was able to make the doors open from the inside. Luke, Wedge Antilles, and several other pilots flew their X-Wings into battle, flying under the squadron name Rogue Squadron, in honor of Sergeant Jyn Erso.[45]


Rebel starships clash with the attacking Imperials over the Mako-Ta Space Docks

Rogue Squadron was able to get the hangars of the various star cruisers open, allowing the rebellion to launch all of their fighters, but the other systems on the ships, such as the hyperdrives and weapons systems, were still offline. Leia Organa and Davits Draven led a team onto the Executor to steal Trios' override codes, but during their infiltration, Vader began pursuing them.[46] Leia successfully obtained the override codes, and Draven was killed by Vader as he attempted to slow him down to protect Leia as she escaped. Leia brought the codes to Dodonna's cruiser, the Republic, and they successfully jumped to hyperspace. Once they reached safety, though, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa demanded that General Dodonna return his cruiser to the battle to save the rest of the fleet. Though initially reluctant, Dodonna eventually agreed.[47]

Once Dodonna's command ship returned to the battle, it began transmitting the override codes to the rest of the fleet. Once General Hera Syndulla received the override codes, she ordered her cruiser, the Geist, to engage the Imperial fleet while the codes transferred to the remaining rebel ships. Near the end of the battle, Jan Dodonna's cruiser was damaged and its engines were disabled. Dodonna ordered his cruiser to provide cover fire, defending the rest of the fleet as it jumped to hyperspace. After the last cruiser jumped, Dodonna's cruiser was destroyed, killing him and his crew. Though many were able to escape this bloodbath, the rebels lost most of their cruisers and nearly 90 percent of their starfighters.[42]

Aftermath of Mako-Ta[]

Following the devastation of Mako-Ta, Skywalker, Solo, and Organa were separated from the Alliance and hired Sana Starros to help them find the location of the fleet. After encountering an Imperial destroyer while en route to meet a contact on Brentaal IV, they were forced to land on the isolationist moon of Hubin.[48] During their time there, Skywalker, Organa, and Solo, as well as the native Clan Markona, fought against SCAR Squadron, and eventually fled the moon. The attack on Hubin by the Empire caused Clan Markona to join the Alliance,[49] and when they eventually met up with the contact, who gave the location of the fleet, Clan Markona was sent to support Syndulla and the Geist, while Skywalker, Organa, and Solo met with Admiral Ackbar in the Kaliida Nebula, where the admiral informed them of the many losses that had occurred in their absence since the battle at Mako-Ta.[50]

Battle of Hoth[]

Walker Assault DICE

T-47 airspeeders attacking the All Terrain Armored Transports of Blizzard Force.

In 3 ABY, the Alliance had established a base on the ice planet of Hoth. It location remained a secret for a month before Darth Vader discovered it's location. He brought his armada of Imperial-class Star Destroyers, led by the Executor, to Hoth where they blockaded the planet. Many means of transport from the Alliance fleet were used to evacuate personnel and equipment from Echo Base. GR-75 medium transports were escorted by X-wings under the cover of the Alliance's V-150 Planet Defender, many of them being destroyed trying to pass the blockade. On the ground, the T-47 airspeeders of Rogue Squadron and Corona Squadron fought off the All Terrain Armored Transports of Blizzard Force. Although the battle was a major loss for the Rebellion, a significant portion of the Rebels managed to flee Hoth.[9]

Fleeing into the Outer Rim[]

Following the loss at Hoth, the Rebel Fleet utilized the scatter protocol, splitting the fleet into small fragments spread out across the galaxy in an effort to deny the Empire a swift propaganda victory like it had on Hoth, as well as overextending the Imperial Navy in its effort to engage the Rebellion..[10] Unlike the previous bold encounters following the Battle of Yavin, the Rebel Fleet now waged a war of survival.[51] Under Operation Starlight, the Alliance worked to reassemble its fleet.[52][53] While the rebels ultimately decided to keep their forces split into different task forces for the overall fleet's own safety,[51] the navy would stand as a united force for a time.[53]

RebelFleet-UnityDay-Star Wars2020-26

The gathered forces of the Rebel fleet attack the Imperial Unity Day parade on Bar'leth.

Crimson Dawn's concurrent war against the Empire, specifically the Syndicate War, gave the rebels breathing room to reassemble their fleet[54] and grow its numbers.[55] While Crimson Dawn would be shattered in the Battle at Amaxine Station,[54] the Rebel fleet launched the Unity Day attack in the months after the Battle of Hoth to prove the Alliance survived its defeat.[53]

A new rebel base was eventually erected on the remote world of 5251977 where various rebel ships would be stationed.[10] Two rebel ships, the CR90 corvette Thunderstrike and its escort, the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise, started attacking Imperial holdouts in the Mid Rim after realizing that the Imperial Navy's forces there had been stretched by the hunt for rebels in the Outer Rim. With the help of the soldiers of Twilight Company, the two vessels devastated many production lines in that area, drawing out forces from Kuat. They planned to attack Kuat Drive Yards until the Thunderstrike was destroyed at the Siege of Inyusu Tor.[38]

Assembling near Sullust[]

"What of the reports of the Rebel fleet massing near Sullust?"
―Darth Vader, to Emperor Sheev Palpatine[11]
Home One Endor

The Alliance fleet assembling near Sullust.

After a high-stakes meeting on the Outer Rim world of Zastiga, where numerous members of the Alliance learned of the existence and location of the second Death Star. Prior to their attack, the fleet gathered over the planet Sullust,[51] which Twilight Company had liberated.[38] Knowing that their failure to immediately destroy the Empire's battle station would spell doom for the entire revolutionary movement.[51] Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO, Princess Leia, and Lando Calrissian joined the fleet here after rescuing Captain Solo from Tatooine, where they were soon joined by Skywalker after he returned from Dagobah.[11]

Battle of Endor[]

"Move the fleet away from the Death Star."
―Admiral Gial Ackbar — (audio) Listen (file info)[11]

The Alliance fleet during the Battle of Endor.

Before the fleet could attack the Death Star, a small strike team of Rebel Commandos had to take out the shield operating from the Forest moon of Endor. However, the team's attempt was thwarted by a trap set by the Imperials at the base.[11] Using the Sanctuary Pipeline,[51] the Alliance Fleet arrived at Endor and the squadrons of starfighters moved in to attack the Death Star. Led by General Calrissian on the Millennium Falcon, the many squadrons consisted of X-wings, Y-wings, A-wings, and B-wings But before the mass of starfighters could get to the Death Star, Lando discovered the shield was still up and the whole fleet was forced to turn around before they collided with it.[11]

The Alliance fleet was then met by a fleet of Imperial-class Star Destroyers led by the Super Star Destroyer Executor. The Imperial TIEs engaged the rebel fighters and a battle broke out around the rebel fleet. The larger capital ships of the Imperial fleet stayed dormant under orders of the Emperor himself. That was when the second Death Star's operational superlaser began firing on the Alliance Fleet, annihilating the MC80 Star Cruisers Liberty and Nautilian. Ackbar ordered the rebels fleet pull into close range of the Imperial fleet to keep escape the firing of the Death Star which would affect the Star Destroyers if they were too close.[11]


Alliance starfighters flying through the second Death Stars reactor shaft.

Despite their failed first attempt, the Endor strike team managed to capture the main base on Endor and destroy the shield generator protecting the Death Star. This meant Alliance starfighters could now enter the Death Stars reactor shaft and fly towards the reactor. Lando led the remaining starfighters of Red and Gold Squadron to enter the reactor shaft. They entered the shaft where they found themselves intercepted by Imperial starfighters who shot down the X-wing flown by Keir Santage. Lando ordered the group to split up to draw Imperial TIEs out away from the Millennium Falcon. Lando and Red Leader Wedge Antilles continued towards the reactor whilst the rest of the group, including Gold Nine Norra Wexley, drew other TIEs out of the Death Star down an alternative shaft.[11]

Meanwhile, the Executor was taking heavy fire from rebel ships and multiple A-wings had hit a devastating blow to their shields. Green Leader Arvel Crynyd's A-wing was damaged by turret fire and crashed into the bridge of the Executor, disabling the ship and sending it falling into the Death Star. Lando and Wedge arrived at the reactor and detonated it, bringing down the second Death Star from the inside out. Despite heavy losses, the Alliance fleet was victorious and the Emperor was killed in the battle.[11]


After the battle, the New Republic was established by leaders of the Alliance, and the Alliance Fleet was reorganized into the New Republic Defense Fleet.[17]

Five years later,[56] the New Republic was still in the process of decommissioning the Alliance fleet however they were falling behind.[57]


"Friends, dignitaries, allies what you have seen today is strength. The fleet is our hidden blade…but all of you should know, it is there. When it is needed, we will be here for you."
―Chancellor Mon Mothma[43]
Home One briefing room

The Alliance fleet prepares for the assault on the second Death Star

The Rebel Navy was a small but effective armada.[58] The fleet and its activities were overseen by Alliance High Command, who managed the logistical and strategic matters of the Rebellion's efforts against the dominant Galactic Empire. The fleet was originally led by Raddus, though Gial Ackbar took over after Raddus' death.[10] The flagship of the rebel armada was originally Raddus's personal ship, the Profundity, until its loss at the Battle of Scarif. Afterward, the rebel flag was moved to the Home One, a massive cruiser commanded by Ackbar.[58] Ackbar held the title of Supreme commander of the Alliance fleet.[5]

As an all-volunteer military, recruits could come and go as they pleased without reporting it to their superiors. Such practice, however, was frowned upon, while members would often stay with the fleet owing to a sense of camaraderie and impracticality of returning to their home systems, which were often under Imperial control.[10] With the Fleet constantly moving, it could take weeks for a separated pilot to rejoin their squadron, owing in part to the scatter protocol for rebel pilots, which established a practice of randomly choosing a path to various worlds throughout hyperspace in order to lose any possible Imperial pursuit.[59]

Starships of the Alliance Fleet[]

Capital ships[]


Various Alliance Navy starships participate in a large battle against the Empire.

During its history, the Alliance Fleet was equipped with various classes of capital ships.[11] One Maelstrom-class battle cruiser, the Simoom, was active in the navy.[60] The Marsheem-class heavy cruiser was a class of heavy cruiser utilized by the Ishi Tib after they joined the Rebel Alliance.[37] Various Star Cruisers[61] composed the Alliance Fleet, including MC75 Star Cruisers[7] and its variants, the MC75 Armored Cruiser and the MC75 Ordnance Cruiser.[62] It also included MC80A Home One Type Heavy Star Cruisers and MC80 Liberty Type Heavy Star Cruisers of the MC80 Star Cruiser model,[11] as well as cruisers of the Yavin's Hope type, cruisers of the Geist type, three-engined Mon Calamari cruisers, and three-pronged Mon Calamari cruisers.[43]

In the final accounting, Mon Calamari ships were vital to the success of the Alliance Navy. The craft that came from the Mon Cala Mercantile Fleet or that started out life as city-ships, which escaped from Mon Cala's Imperial occupation, were the backbone of the fleet. As such, the fact that the navy's flagship would be a Mon Cala warship, such as the Profunity or Home One, was no surprise. Given powerful shields and turbo-lasers, Mon Cala city-ships were retrofitted into capital ships that could stand against Imperial-class Star Destroyers in space battles.[58]

The Alliance Fleet also utilized at least one Lucrehulk-class Battleship.[63] A Star Destroyer of the Imperial I-class was stolen by Rebel Alliance forces and briefly served in the Alliance Fleet.[64] The Rebel Alliance naval forces also utilized carriers, such as Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carriers[12] and several types of frigates, such as DP20 Frigates[65] EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigates[9] and the fleet also used MC30C Frigates, Assault Frigate Mark IIs,[14][66] and MC40A Light Cruisers.[67] The navy used at least one modified Providence-class Dreadnought, specifically a Providence-class Carrier,[68] one Acclamator-class assault ship and a modified Recusant-class light destroyer.[69]

Sub-capital ships[]

The fleet made use of several types of frigates, such as DP20 Frigates[65] EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigates[9] and the fleet also used MC30C Frigates, Assault Frigate Mark IIs,[14][66] modified Pelta-class frigates,[2] and variants in the modified Pelta-class Assault Ships[70] and modified Pelta-class Command Cruisers,[70] and light cruisers such as the MC40A Light Cruisers[67] and Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carriers.[31][42]

Smaller craft[]

The Alliance Fleet maintained an assortment of smaller craft, such as corvettes[2] and freighters.[71] Examples of corvettes used included CR70 corvettes,[2] CR90 corvettes,[72] and two variants of the Sphyrna-class corvette:[7] the Hammerhead Scout Corvette[73] and Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette.[73] Another type of smaller craft was used by the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth.[9] During the evacuation of Yavin, the Rebels stole a Raider-class corvette to ram a Star Destroyer.[74]

Dornean Gunship Zero Hour

A Braha'tok-class gunship

The Alliance Fleet possessed a variety of gunships and troop transports.[2] Braha'tok-class gunships were used,[38] as were modified CR-20 troop carriers, LAAT/is,[71] X4 Gunships of the X4 line,[2] and UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft.[75]

Freighters and transports[]

The Alliance Fleet maintained a variety of transports, including CR25 troop carriers, E-9 Explorers[71] EE-730s,[76] and GR-75 medium transports[9] including GR-75 Combat Retrofits.[77] The various freighter classes that were part of the Alliance Fleet included HWK-290 light freighters,[71] modified VCX-100 light freighters,[7] YT-450s[2] a modified YT-1300 light freighter,[9] YT-1760 Small Transports[78] modified YT-2400 light freighters,[71] and YV-929 light freighters.[67]

Even though the ships were also used by the Empire and the Republic Navy before it, the Rebellion also made use of the High-Altitude Entry Transport-221 after a number were located by the Rebels.[79]


Multiple shuttle classes were used by the Alliance Fleet. E-50 Landseers saw use by the fleet,[71] as did Taylander shuttles,[65] Sheathipede-class transport shuttles,[31] and various stolen Imperial Lambda-class T-4a shuttles (such as the Tydirium and ST 321).[11]

Space stations[]

The Alliance Fleet had in its possession at least four space stations, which included the Mako-Ta Space Docks,[8] stardocks located in the Telaris system,[2] at least two Harbor-class Mobile Space Docks,[80][67] FireStar II-class Orbital Defense Platform, and Mk IX Orbital Maintenance Depot.[80] Early in the war, the Rebels operated a shipyard at Paucris Major, though it was forced to evacuate.[32]


SWC Fang Fighter hangar

Fang fighters and a Y-wing in a hangar

The starfighters and craft of the Rebel Alliance Starfighter Corps, under the auspices of the Alliance Fleet, were of various types and classes. Various models X-wing starfighter were used, including T-65B X-wing starfighters,[6] T-65B X-wing starfighter Exterior Variant /1s, T-65B X-wing starfighter Exterior Variant /2s,[2] T-65C-A2 X-wing starfighters,[4] and Patrol X-wings.[2] In addition to X-wing starfighters,[11] A-wing starfighters were utilized, specifically RZ-1 A-wing interceptors,[11] RZ-1T trainers,[81] and R-22 Spearheads.[61] Other starfighters included ARC-170 starfighters,[82] Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptors,[2] Fang fighters, Z-95 Headhunters,[71] Z-95-AF4 Headhunters,[67] Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wings,[2] VCX-series auxiliary starfighters,[83] and Kom'rk-class fighter/transports.[81] The rebels also stole TIE/ln space superiority starfighters from the Imperial Star Destroyer Harbinger.[65] Lindon Javes drive the TIE Advanced v1 during the Battle at Fostar Haven[84]

For bombers and heavier craft, the Rebel Alliance Starfighter Corps used A/SF-01 B-wing starfighters,[85] H-60 Tempest bombers,[86] BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bombers,[41] and BTL-S3 Y-wing Starfighters.[59] The fleet also used light T-47 airspeeders.[9]


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