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A Rebel Event Organizer was an Rebel-aligned Blue-skinned Mon Calamari officer that was in charge of organizing various pro-Rebel events on the planet Coronet around the time after the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, in particular Remembrance Day, which had been formed in the wake of the infamous Destruction of Alderaan. He sold various Rebel rations, including Favorites of the Force and the energy drink Death Star Destruction. Because of the Rebels' war against the Galactic Empire, the organizer turned away anyone he suspected as being Imperial-aligned.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Rebel Event Organizer is a special character in the Massive Multiplayer Online game Star Wars Galaxies, and more specifically its expansion An Empire Divided. He can be found near Statue of Yoda on Coronet, where he will sell various Empire Day related consumable items such as Favorites of the Force and Death Star Destruction to players who are affiliated with the Rebels. The Imperial equivalent is the Imperial Celebration Organizer.



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