This article is about the base on Tatooine. You may be looking for the base which was relocated to Rori.

"I also have information regarding the Rebel Military Base and a Tusken Bunker. What do y'say?"
Errik Darksider, to a spacer[src]

The Rebel Military Base was a base used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic on the desert world of Tatooine.


The Rebel Military Base saw use following the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY. Situated between the Imperial capital city of Bestine, and the Rebel safe haven of Anchorhead, the base was staffed by a number of Rebel soldiers. Viewed from the top down, the base was shaped in the form of the Alliance Starbird, and consisted of three watch towers and two smaller buildings.[3]

The Rebel Military Base on Tatooine, prior to its destruction.

However, around 1 ABY,[1] the Empire learned of its location, forcing the Rebellion to pack up its base and move elsewhere to avoid Imperial detection. Rumor had it that they relocated to Rori,[2] the swamp moon of Naboo. Indeed, the Rebels did relocate their base to Rori, northwest of its Lake Octir.[4] Nonetheless, Rebels did remain at the base on Tatooine, where they were killed when the Empire destroyed the base. The debris, skeletons, and fallen banners of the Rebel Alliance were left strewn across the desert following the ruthless attack. The new base on Rori had a virtually identical design layout as the one destroyed on Tatooine.[3]

Sometime later during the Galactic Civil War, Zabrak Errik Darksider sold the coordinates of the base to a spacer traveling through Mos Eisley.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The newly built Rebel Military Base on Rori shared a virtually identical design to that of the one on Tatooine.

The Rebel Military Base appeared in the 2003 video game Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, a massively multiplayer online-role playing game developed by Sony Online Entertainment and published by LucasArts,[3] prior to its closure on December 15, 2011.[6]

With the game's release, the base was fully intact.[3] Yet, with the release of the game's first large update, the "Publish 1", released on August 13, 2003, the base was remodeled by the developers to appear destroyed, and a new base was put on Rori.[2] The same graphical model for the intact base on Tatooine was used for the new base on Rori.[3][4] In game, no explanation was given for why the base was destroyed, and why a new one was built on Rori, but the patch notes offered an explanation. According to the notes, the Rebels "packed up" the Tatooinian base in order to avoid Imperial detection.[2] Seeing as how the Tatooinian base looked destroyed, and consisted of dead Rebel bodies strewn about, it can be deduced that the Empire destroyed the base before all the Rebels could flee to the new installation on Rori.[3]



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