The Rebel combat speeder was originally a failed armored speeder made by the SoroSuub Corporation.



Combat speeder (top) and heavy combat speeder (bottom).

The Rebel combat speeder was reminiscent of the earlier V-19 design,[source?] but had military-grade armor and powerful guns and rocket launchers.[1] The speeder would often be used by resource-strapped Rebel sector forces.

A heavier version, also used by the Rebellion, featured three tail engines, thicker armor, and more powerful cannons.[3]


Rebel combat speeder pursues 74-Z bike

A Rebel combat speeder pursues a 74-Z speeder bike during the Battle of Tatooine.

The design was won by the Rebel Alliance during a late game of sabacc, where a SoroSuub designer was forced to hand over the plans after gambling away everything else of value. The Rebellion's officers found use for the speeder in raids and against enemy vehicles.[1] The speeder was also effective against infantry. They were used by the New Republic as late as the Liberation of Coruscant.[4]

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The alternate combat speeder variant cut in Star Wars: Battlefront.

The Rebel combat speeder would be replaced by the AAC-1 speeder tank in Star Wars: Battlefront II, although that vehicle shared the exact same backstory as this one. If taken at face value, that would either mean that one designer lost two designs during a gambling spree, or that two different SoroSuub designs were lost due to multiple reckless employees. Additionally, the image of the vehicle from the Star Wars: Battlefront official website differs from the in-game model.

This was also the Rebel's Strike Mech and Heavy Strike Mech unit in Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds.



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