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Rebel command insignia[1] were badges of military rank used by officers of the rebellion[2] and later by the Alliance to Restore the Republic's military.[1]

Inherited from the Alderaan military, they consisted of pips arranged on a brushed-metal backing.[4] For example, the insignia of a captain comprised two equally sized dots centered on the same vertical line, as exemplified by Captain Hera Syndulla of the rebellion,[2] and Captain Cassian Andor of the Alliance.[5] The Alliance generals Dodonna, Willard,[6] Draven,[5] and Rieekan all wore a badge with five dots arranged in a quincunx. As a commander, Luke Skywalker wore a 3-blue rank badge with the double-dot row at the bottom. Major Bren Derlin's badge had three red dots arranged with two on the top row, and the remainder below and between them.[7]

Rank insignia[]

Badge Rank
Rebel general badge.svg General
Rebel colonel badge.svg Colonel
Rebel commander badge.svg Commander
Rebel major badge.svg Major
Rebel captain badge.svg Captain
Rebel lieutenant badge.svg Lieutenant

Behind the scenes[]

According to the Legends roleplaying book The Rebel Alliance Sourcebook, the color of the pips indicates the branch of service, with blue designating navy and red designating army.[8] This was partially retained in the canon reference book, Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide.[4] However, other canon material shows the existence of plaques combining both colors, such as that of General Willard.[6] In Rogue One, Captain Cassian Andor wears green rank insignia, indicating that green is the standard rank color worn by Intelligence officers.[5]


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