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*[[Renegade Flight]]
*[[Renegade Flight]]
*[[Rogue Squadron]]
*[[Rogue Squadron]]
*[[Wraith Squadron]]
*[[Dagger Squadron]]
File:Rogue_Squadron.svg|[[Rogue Squadron]] insignia
File:Rogue_Squadron.svg|Rogue Squadron insignia
File:Nomad Squadron insignia.jpg|[[Nomad Squadron]] insignia
File:Wraithpatch.svg|Wraith Squadron insignia
File:Dagger Squadron insignia.png|Wraith Squadron insignia
File:Nomad Squadron insignia.jpg|Dagger Squadron insignia

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Yavin base briefing room

Rebel pilots assemble in the retrofitted briefing room within the ancient Massassi Temple prior to the Battle of Yavin

Rebel pilots flew starfighters, light freighters, and atmospheric repulsorlift vehicles for the Alliance Starfighter Corps of the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. Like the rest of the Alliance Military (and unlike the Imperial Navy), they came from a wide variety of species, planets, and backgrounds. Some were defectors trained at one of the Imperial Academies, while others were former scouts, smugglers, pirates, or independent traders, or bush pilots from the Outer Rim.

Rebel pilots had a reputation for bravery, since they were almost always outnumbered when they went into battle. They also had a reputation for skill and success, after such Rebel victories as the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Endor.

Rebel pilots wore orange, green, or beige flight suits. The flight suits had a winter vest such as the ones worn on Hoth. They wore a flak vest with a life support box on top. They also wore the famous helmet which included an orange visor with a special computer projection for targeting.

Famous Rebel pilots


A Sullustan rebel pilot in an X-wing starfighter cockpit

Famous Rebel flight squadrons




Pilots being briefed by Leia Organa prior to the Battle of Hoth.


Rebel pilot Helmets

Helmet symbols

Behind the scenes

The helmets worn by Alliance X-wing pilots were made from modified plastic copies of real US Navy APH-6B flight helmets.[1]



Luke Skywalker, Rebel pilot

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