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Rebel vanguard division was a subdivision of SpecForces' 6th Regiment, whose members specialized in using heavy weaponry on the battlefield.


A Rebel Vanguard

Members of the Rebel vanguard division provided protection against enemy air and ground units and reinforced friendly ground forces. As part of the SpecForces' 6th Regiment, vanguards were heavy weapon specialists, and it was they who operated the blaster emplacements, missile launchers and other heavy weapons that were used against the Imperial war machine. When assigned to a taskforce, members of the division served as both gunners utilizing heavy blaster weaponry or vehicle-mounted weapons and Vanguards utilizing shoulder-fired missile launchers against both air and ground vehicles.


Members of the division used heavy weapons such as the HH-15 projectile launcher or PLX-2M portable missile launchers to destroy enemy air and ground vehicles. They also carried 3HX3 timer mines and Class-A thermal detonators, making them effective against AT-STs and other war machines, in addition to DL-44 heavy blaster pistol for fighting enemy infantry. A Vanguard's uniform was composed of a heavy combat vest that allowed the trooper to carry much-needed ammunitions packs and explosives across the battlefield; hardened helmets that shielded the soldier against the shock waves emitted from close-range detonations; and thick gloves.[source?]

Behind the scenes[]

Vanguards serve as the Rebel Alliance's heavy-weapons class in the Battlefront series.



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