Rebellion 4: My Brother, My Enemy, Part 4 was the fourth issue in the Star Wars: Rebellion series of comics.

Publisher's summary[]

Luke Skywalker faces a squad of stormtroopers when he attempts to bring his boyhood friend Imperial officer Janek “Tank” Sunber over to the Rebellion. Was Tank's plan to defect discovered by the Empire before he could get away, or are the troopers a plot to trick the Alliance into letting Sunber into the heart of their operations? It might not even matter, because while Luke is off on his renegade rescue mission, the Rebel Fleet comes under attack—from inside the command ship!

• A compelling new story set between the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back exploring the Rebel Alliance's desperate struggle against the Galactic Empire, delivered in style by writer Rob Williams (Cla$$war; SW Tales) and artist Brandon Badeaux (Superman: Man of Steel, SW Empire)

Plot summary[]

Luke Skywalker escapes the stormtroopers chasing him, Deena, and Janek. When he returns Leia strongly disapproves of Luke bringing him to the Rebel Fleet, thinking he might be a spy or assassin for the Empire. She sends Sunber to the Medical Bay because of a wound he suffered from a blaster bolt. The Rebels slowly begin to trust Sunber. Meanwhile, Jorin Sol is talking to Tungo Li and Wedge in a room. Jorin explains that the Empire tortured and manipulated him on Kalist VI, and programmed him to transmit the location of the Rebel Fleet and kill as many rebels as possible. He fought back the programming and is under control.

Tungo Li and Wedge understand this and trust him again. Later Jorin walks onto the command bridge of the flagship. Leia congratulates him and he slowly raises his blaster and unexpectedly shoots some rebels, including Leia, who is only wounded, and killing others. Luke springs up and attacks Jorin, who explains that it was his programming again. All of a sudden a dozen Imperial Star Destroyers come out of hyperspace before the Rebel Fleet and attack. Luke is going to get Leia to the Med Center, when Janek, who just had a dream in which Darth Vader convinces him to attack the Rebels and take Luke Skywalker to him personally, tells Luke to come with him...


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