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The Rebellion on Kashyyyk was an uprising of the native Wookiees against the slavemasters of Czerka Corporation, which took place during the Jedi Civil War. The seeds of the rebellion were planted when the amnesiac Revan and the crew of the Ebon Hawk came to Kashyyyk on a mission for the Jedi Council to search for the Star Map that was located deep in the Shadowlands.


Some years prior to this, the son of the Wookiee chieftain, Chuundar, made a deal with slavers of Czerka Corporation, an ally of the Sith Empire. When he heard of the deal, his brother Zaalbar went insane with rage and attacked him with his claws, breaking an important Wookiee code that stated that their claws were not to be used as weapons. As such, Zaalbar was branded a 'Madclaw' and exiled from the planet. However, when their father, Freyyr, discovered the truth and the dealings that his son had been made, he confronted him. But Chuundar had managed to gain the support of a number of Wookiees and so Freyyr was exiled to the Shadowlands.

With no opposition, Czerka took over the capital and began to make the use of the Wookiee slaves that Chuundar had given them. Chuundar had made it so that all Wookiees would be required to learn to understand Basic like their Czerka slavers, to make it easier for them to obey.

However, the Jedi Civil War erupted when the former Jedi Revan and Malak returned to the Galactic Republic at the head of a massive Sith fleet and began their conquest of the galaxy. Revan was captured by the Jedi but his mind was damaged and so programmed with a new one while his apprentice Malak took his place at the head of the Sith Empire. With the mind-altered Revan having dreams of Star Maps on the planets Dantooine, Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan, and Korriban, he and another Jedi, Bastila Shan set out to find these Star Maps to lead them to the source of the Sith Armada, the Star Forge, along with a team, including Republic War Hero, Carth Onasi and Mandalorian Canderous Ordo. Before being given this assignment, Revan had met the exiled Zaalbar on Taris just before it's destruction.

Inciting the rebellion[]

When arriving on Kashyyyk at the Czerka Landing Port, being greeted by Czerka employees, Zaalbar revealed his worries about returning. Looking for the Star Map, Revan crossed into the Wookiee capital Rwookrrorro where Zaalbar discovered his brother as chieftain and being flanked by Czerka guards. Zaalbar was forced to stay with Chuundar while Revan was allowed to scale down into the Shadowlands to search for the Star Map, but also to kill Freyyr.

While in the Shadowlands, Revan encountered Jolee Bindo, an old former Jedi living there in a hermitage. Jolee assisted in getting Revan to the Star Map he was looking for. When the two found Freyyr deeper in the Shadowlands, he was almost feral, and immediately attacked them, thinking them as slavers. When he was defeated, Revan spared him despite Freyyr's protests. Revan revealed that his son had returned to Kashyyyk, and the two devised a plan to remove Czerka from the planet.

Revan would need to find the blade of Bacca's Ceremonial Blade. Kashyyyk tradition held that whoever held the blade would be the chieftain. Revan accomplished this task by killing one of the many kinrath in the area and tying it to a vine where he would draw out a terentatek in which the blade was stuck. The terentatek was killed and the blade was retrieved. When brought to Freyyr, he immediately climbed back up to the top of trees in order to gain support for a rebellion, while Revan went to find the Star Map. On his way out Revan was forced to trek back through the Shadowlands, only to be attacked by the lift operator who discovered that Revan did not do as Chuundar ordered.

The fighting begins[]

Revan duels Chuundar.

When reaching Rwookrrorro, Revan was confronted by a Wookiee who took him to Chuundar's throne room. Freyyr was already present and the entire Wookiee population split on who should rule. While Freyyr had the blade of Bacca, Chuundar held the grip of the broken sword. Zaalbar, who was listening to his brother for some time now was torn on who to support, be it his father or his brother. Revan convinced Zaalbar to side with his father, the honorable one, as his brother was a slaver. And so the fighting had started. In the throne room, Chuundar and his Czerka guards were killed and Freyyr was placed back on the throne as chieftain.

However, the rebellion did not end there. Czerka still had a presence on Kashyyyk and needed to be driven out. All over the entire planet, wherever Czerka was, Wookiees rebelled against the slavers. Czerka had no choice in the end but to pull out of Kashyyyk.

Behind the scenes[]

The player can try to convince the Wookiees to talk it out instead of fighting. However, Chuundar refuses to talk and the revolt breaks out regardless.

If the player chose the dark side path for Revan, Chuundar remained alive, Freyyr died and the rebellion never took place. The Wookiee village Rwookrrorro was then sealed off from Revan.



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