Rebolt was a young human male criminal who worked for the notorious White Worms gang. He was part of the scrumrat portion of the gang[1] and at one point was considered for the role of Head Boy.[2]

In 13 BBY, Rebolt and Syke dragged the scrumrat Han before the gang's leader Lady Proxima in the Den of the White Worms. Han had returned from a negotiation with nothing to show for it, but managed to escape the angered Proxima with his friend Qi'ra by distracting Proxima with light, which burned her skin. Moloch, Syke and Rebolt chased Han in the gang's A-A4B landspeeder and eventually caught up with him in Coronet Spaceport. They were only able to capture Qi'ra, as Han fled into an Imperial recruitment center.[3]

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