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"During certain maneuvers, the jets produce a turbulent backwash of superheated air which creates an immensely loud, high-pitched shrieking sound."
―Inspector-General Moff Rebu[1]

Rebu was an individual who lived during the height of the Galactic Empire. In addition to bearing the title of Moff, Rebu also served as an Inspector-General for the Empire. Sometime between the years 19 BBY and 1 BBY, Rebu represented the interests of the Imperial Department of Military Research by overseeing the successful field testing of the Nemesis-class gunship.


"Both the Hellcaster cannon and concussion missiles were highly effective in, respectively, an anti-personnel and anti-armor capacity, and the gunship returned to base with only minimal damage."
―Inspector-General Moff Rebu[1]

Rebu was a Moff who served the Galactic Empire during its war with the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[1] Sometime between the years 19 BBY and 1 BBY,[2] in the Moff's capacity as an Inspector-General, Rebu was responsible for overseeing the development and field testing of the newly created Nemesis-class gunship.[1]

Rebu oversaw the gunship model's first deployment to Polomie, a planet that contained a Rebel military outpost. The gunship exceeded all expectations when it obliterated the Rebel presence on Polomie. Following the success of the craft's first field test, Rebu provided a detailed report to the Imperial Department of Military Research, and was pleased to inform the department that the new gunship was an excellent addition to the vast quantity of military vessels at the Empire's disposal. However, Rebu was disappointed by the fact that the gunship's heavy arsenal was far too expensive for mass production. Consequently, Rebu anticipated that the small number of Nemesis-class gunships would only be affordable to the exceptionally wealthy Moffs and governors of the Empire.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"However, while the Nemesis is an extremely effective weapons-platform, perfectly suited to the roles of close-air support and civilian pacification, it may simply be too exotic for widespread service."
―Inspector-General Moff Rebu[1]

Moff Rebu was an Inspector-General who supported the Galactic Empire in its war against the Rebel Alliance. While surveying the Nemesis-class gunship, of which Rebu paid close attention to every detail and aspect, the Moff was greatly pleased with the new vessel and its capability of annihilating Rebel forces while sustaining only minimal damage. Rebu was also proud of the gunship's highly effective yet costly firepower and weapons arsenal. At the same time, Rebu was displeased by the fact that the craft was far too expensive to be built in larger numbers.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Inspector-General Moff Rebu was first referenced in the databank of the 2010 LucasArts video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. Rebu's report to the Imperial Department of Military Research can be found in the "Nemesis Gunship" profile.


Notes and references[]

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