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In 3996 BBY, in the aftermath of Exar Kun's defeat at Yavin 4, the Galactic Republic retook the Empress Teta system.


After the ultimate defeat of Sith Lord Exar Kun in the Yavin system, a number of Krath forces were still at large in a galaxy reeling from years of unceasing, destructive warfare. The elimination or neutralization of their primary leadership (Kun, Aleema Keto, Satal Keto, Ulic Qel-Droma) dealt a severe blow to the Krath's initiative, but the entrenched holdings deep within the Empress Teta system remained for the Republic to contend with.

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At some point after the Battle of Yavin 4, the forces of the Republic laid siege one last time to the fortressed Koros worlds, finally seizing control of the system, and scattering the Sith remnants there.

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This battle is established by historical information provided in The New Essential Chronology.



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