The Reciprocity was a Axehead frigate in the Republic Navy following the Great Sith War.


It was Saul Karath's first command, and the first bridge appointment of Dallan Morvis.[2]

Hammerhead frigate KOTOR W

The Reciprocity at the Battle of Essien.

During the Mandalorian Wars, Morvis returned to captain the Reciprocity, landing Phaeda militia troops and Jedi Knights onto Essien to battle Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. Morvis and his soldiers were tricked into leaving the ship behind and cornered by the Jedi, who turned out to be Mandalorian Knights. They meant to take the vessel and use it against the Republic, forcefully drafting the captain and his crew.[3]

Later Morvis, with the help of Zayne Carrick, not only took his ship back, but used it to save the Jedi younglings on Dantooine, foiling the plan of Dorjander Kace.

After those events, Morvis was considered a hero, he took the helm of his ship, and continued his career with a new viewpoint, a more diplomatic approach, and a new conscience in the person of Zayne Carrick.



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