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The Reckoning was an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer that saw service with the Imperial Navy, under the command of Admiral Delak Krennel. It held a wing of TIE fighters. Under Krennel, the ship was part of Thrawn's task force in the Unknown Regions, but was sent back to the Core Worlds just prior to the Battle of Endor by Thrawn due to Krennel's poor performance.

It was sent by Ysanne Isard to Axxila in 4.5 ABY to capture Leonia Tavira and Leia Organa and return them to Imperial Center for brainwashing at Lusankya. Although its mission for Isard was called off due to Soontir Fel using an AT3 Directive, Sate Pestage did board the Reckoning at Axxila.

After Pestage defected to the Ciutric Hegemony, he was overthrown by Krennel, and the Reckoning became the Hegemony's flagship. It was destroyed in the Battle of Ciutric by the combined assault of Selonian Fire and Corusca Fire, taking its longtime commander with it.

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