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A reconnaissance mission to the planet Kamino was flown by the pilots of the Rebel Alliance Red Squadron starfighter unit Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, Zev Senesca, Han Solo, and Chewbacca. The mission was a trap laid by the assassin X-7, who had hired mercenaries to ambush the squadron and kill Luke Skywalker, who was wanted for destroying the Death Star. The mercenaries' airstrike failed, leaving two alive. One as killed by large creature; Skywalker and the other mercenary, Div were swallowed alive by the creatures and taken to an underground lair. Div, illustrating proficiency with Skywalker's lightsaber, saved them both. A Galactic Empire armored column was destroyed by more of the creatures, which were cloned experiments. The Rebels left the planet with help from the Millennium Falcon. X-7 had to face his master, the ambitious Imperial Commander Rezi Soresh for his failure. Soresh, not willing to give up his quest to kill Skywalker, set more schemes into motion, culminating in his death months later.


The assassin X-7, personally trained by ambitious Imperial Commander Rezi Soresh was given a mission to kill the Rebel Alliance pilot responsible for the torpedo strike which destroyed the Imperial Death Star. Having been stymied on more than one occasion, X-7 hired several mercenaries to aid him. Luring the hired pilots to his hidden base, firing on them and killing several. Five survived his test, including Div. X-7 paid them to take out Luke Skywalker. Skywalker at the time was leading Red Squadron, a Rebel Alliance starfighter unit. Skywalker led them on a reconnaissance mission to Kamino.[1]

The battleEdit

Red Squadron was ambushed by X-7's mercenaries upon arriving at Kamino, but the Rebel pilots outflew the mercenaries and shot them all down. Two survived and crash-landed. Skywalker and his fellow Rebels landed to confront them. One of the surviving mercenaries was eaten by a large creature, the product of a secret biological weapons project. Div and Skywalker were both trapped by another creature, and transported in its air pocket to an underwater lair. Div took Skywalker's lightsaber and used it to save them both by killing a creature. The two escaped to the surface and rejoined the squadron.[1]

Red Squadron, while trying to rescue Skywalker, met the Kaminoan scientist Elo Panil, the one most responsible for the creatures; Panil subsequently died in an Imperial attack. The Rebels were then attacked by Imperial tanks, but several of the creatures grabbed the tanks and dragged them underwater. Skywalker and Div then used I-7 Howlrunners while Han Solo and Chewbacca took ARC-170 trying to escape planet.

Zev Senesca and Wedge Antilles escaped prior to Skywalker, Solo, and Chewbacca, then returned to Yavin 4 to inform Leia Organa. She traveled to Kamino in the Millennium Falcon, along with eight X-wings, three Y-wings and a blockade runner, to rescue the rebels still on Kamino, however they had already stolen ships. They escaped the planet, taking Div with them.[1]


Having failed Soresh once again, X-7 was recalled to Belazura for reconditioning. Div was sequestered in the Rebel's headquarters but refused to cooperate. After mysterious operatives broke him out of prison, the Rebels followed the trail to Belazura, where X-7 confronted his past.[4] Following the debacle, Soresh was exiled and left for the Outer Rim Territories, eventually setting in a plan which resulted in his death.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

This mission appears in Alex Wheeler's 2009 book Rebel Force: Firefight. Div originally played a role in Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi series.



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