Recopia was a planet in the Recopi system in the Core Worlds, between the Corellian Run and the Hydian Way. It was the site of the annual Bandercamp Auctions in the Hinder Market.

Geographic features[edit | edit source]

Lacking valuable natural resources, Recopia was less urbanized than many other prominent worlds of the Core. It was a world of sulfuric oceans over which poisonous clouds roiled perpetually. The hostile seas were broken only by series of plateau islands that rose high into the sky.

History[edit | edit source]

The non-descript island of Mallif Cove on Recopia was once home to a hidden fortress belonging to the Seyugi Dervishes, an enclave of Force-sensitive assassins.

Recopia was also one of the first Core Worlds to openly support the New Republic following their victory at the Battle of Endor. Due to its strategic location, the New Republic Navy established a base there, from which many early attacks on the Core were launched. It was from their Recopia base that the New Republic attacked Brentaal IV.[4]

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