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This article is about the real pirate. You may be looking for the Imperial agent who assumed the pirate's identity.

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The Red Blade was a notorious pirate who lived during the Great Galactic War and the subsequent Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. A ruthless killer, Red Blade's identity was assumed by an Imperial Intelligence operative. When the Blade heard of this, the Blade traveled to Nal Hutta to confront the agent, but the operative killed him when the real Blade threatened to expose the fake.


A mysterious pirate who wore full body armor and never showed his face, Red Blade earned his name from the blood-red color of his armor. The Blade operated primarily in the Ison Corridor in the Outer Rim, where the Blade raided and pillaged mid-size trade vessels with military escorts. According to Imperial dossiers, the Red Blade regularly docked at shadowports such as Port Nowhere and Wild Byth's. The Blade himself rarely emerged from his ship or the private suites the Blade would purchase upon landing, only appearing during celebrations of his latest score.[2]

Sometime during his travels, the Blade encountered Dheno Rey on Hoth. The Blade ended up owing Rey credits, which the Zabrak would later attempt to collect from an impostor.

During the Cold War, the identity of the Red Blade was assumed by an operative of Imperial Intelligence. The Imperial agent, who was attempting to convince Nem'ro the Hutt to form an alliance with the Sith Empire, used the identity they received from their Arcona contact Jheeg. During their time on Nal Hutta, the agent encountered Dheno Rey in Jiguuna, and was forced to kill him when the Zabrak threatened to blow their cover.[1]

The real Red Blade became aware of the impostor on Hutta and sent his men to plant a bug in the agent's room, but they were discovered and killed by the agent. The agent continued under the alias until they departed Nal Hutta, when they were contacted by Jheeg on their way to Jiguuna's hangar. The Arcona informed the agent that the real Red Blade was on their way to the planet. The Red Blade was confronted by the agent as they landed, and the pirate threatened to reveal the deception to Nem'ro. As a result, the agent and the Rattataki Kaliyo Djannis fought and killed the pirate. With his last breath, Red Blade cursed his impostor.[1]

Personality and traits[]

The Red Blade was described by Imperial Intelligence as ruthless and brutal, as they rarely left survivors during his raids. The Blade was intensely cautious and suspicious, attempting to keep his or her identity a secret by wearing full body armor and helmet. Imperial Intelligence also suspected that the Blade had revealed their identity to certain trusted associates, but remained in obscurity to otherwise conceal it.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Red Blade appears in the BioWare MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, as part of the Imperial Agent storyline. The player character assumes Red Blade's identity with help from Jheeg, their Arcona contact, so they can gain access to Nem'ro's palace. The player is confronted by Dheno Rey during their time on Nal Hutta, who threatens to expose the agent's cover, but the player can choose to pay him off or kill him.

As the player is about to leave Nal Hutta, they are contacted by Jheeg, who tells them that the real Red Blade is on his way to Hutta now. The player confronts the pirate in his hangar, and kills the pirate to preserve their cover.

If the player attempts to convince the Red Blade that they were forced to play the part under duress, the Red Blade will hand them a weapon and challenge them to a duel, saying that at least die 'like one of the blades'. This may indicate that the Red Blade could be an inherited title, or that he was part of a group of 'Blades', or both; however, none of this has been confirmed as of yet.



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